LEGO Doc buildable figure boxart

I need a clickbait to make people come and check it

Doc Package

I made a box art for my Doc buildable figure


It’s a leak.

Pretty cool, although I think the background looks a bit off.

I thought the same, but I couldnt find a better picture from the game to put in the background

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The character lighting could be better (maybe use an editing software to make it seem more natural with the background) but otherwise this really looks cool, and official.

I tried and tried, but I just wasnt able to make it look natural

My only real problem is that it looks a little like he’s floating of the ground

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To be fair I made this in half an hour, and I dont really know how to make it look more natural

Edited title. No clickbait please.

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how am I supossed to get those views then :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, by making good art or something?

Clickbait is close to trolling. Please don’t do it again.