We just got our first look at LEGO DOTS, a new LEGO theme that will release in March of this year:

More pictures on Instragram

Any thoughts?


What’s the point of this theme?

I don’t know what’s the point of it either, but as long as we get some good pieces from it, I’m ok with it.

Personally I can’t see any good piece either.

It’s a jewelry line for girls, similar to Clickits, or the original Scala line (as in, pre-doll line).

I find it interesting to me that they are branching out into different materials, something they haven’t really done since the second Scala line. Trolls gave us the felty stuff, and now we get what looks like some form of elastic.


I’m personally excited to see what this piece is

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One more argument that makes me see this as useless.
No offence, but if you want to make a theme for girls, make a theme for girls, not some small plastic baggies full with random pink, yellow or purple smooth plates that you suppose to make something out of.

That more or less looks like a small elastic suspended on some lego pieces.

From what I know of girls accessories, (and living in the same room with my sister, i know a good bit) it looks like a small loop of the material used for some hairbands. A sort of thin elastic.

I just want the chance to use that kind of elastics without being criticized for being non-purist

Either way I want that piece, it seems the like right size for a constraction MOC.

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…or you can just buy one from the nearest store for waaay less than the price of a lego set.

If there is a sort of a burgundy collor, it would be perfect for belts. (Fashion, not mechanical)

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Yeah, but there is the possibility that many of the weird pieces we see on the box arts are only some sort of examples of what you can do with the sets.

Like those bracelet things he’s got on, that are curved with studs, but with no visible joints.

There are a lot of new colors for those little wedge pieces. And new prints. Lots of new prints.
Also, those new bracelets look like fun pieces to me.

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Again, you can take it from a store for less than 1 RON (talking Romanian moneys so that I can make my point easier for you) instead of giving up to 30.

Looking at the display box, they seem to be bendable, with a hard nipple at the end, which inserts, (presumably) into one of several holes like a belt. What’s the most important is that we’re getting a glexible studded piece.

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I think he is refers to this one

(click for full image)
It looks a lot like a Zuru tape, but now in real LEGO.

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Oh! Sorry then.

for me it looks very unimpressive tho

Look at all the tiles!
I think I might have to buy some sets, just for all those tiles.


You’re lucky: There are those bags that have 100 of them for 4$