Lego Elves Topic

The successor of the Friends line that continues the trend of Mini-dolls and bright color scheme.

The world takes place on a magical universe filled with mystical creatures such as mythical forest animals, dragons, and most recently; goblins.

What do you users think about the line?
Do you care about the lore, atmosphere, or just the sets?


All the Lego themes geared towards girls (like Elves) seem more simplistic in design than the others

While I still don’t like the minidolls, I think that the sets themselves are actually very nice and include nice architectural details. The ‘good’ dragons are a little bit too girly for my taste, but the new ‘evil’ dragon looks pretty menacing.

Also its the only alternative I have to castle-based sets because Nexo Knights is currently filling that role.

I’m only mostly bitter

I don’t own any of the sets, but it does look a little decent.

Chances are if i actually got a set I’ll not think they’re decent anymore.

The sets for this line actually look really good. The colors are great, the builds are fantastic, and I’m a fan of how their dragons look.

That said there’s really nowhere for me to insert them into my collection- I don’t even have a castle display setup anymore(the only context I could see them meshing even a little bit). Also, mini dolls are a bit of a turnoff in and of themselves.

I don’t care for nor about the lore. Sorry, the triple rhyme was too good to pass up

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I always find sets from this theme on deep clearance. This line is great for odd recolors of foliage, slopes, dragon pieces, and fancy stickers. No idea what the story is but the sets themselves are of exceptionally high quality.

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The only think I find JUST INTERESTING are the new recolors.


I love the sets from this theme. It has a perfect blend of structure, vehicle, and creatures. The dragons were especially great, IMO.

Finally some spring green CCBS to go with the spring green skull spiders!


So I got myself this set

however it came with 3 dragon wings anyone else had the same happen?
Because that is really lucky.


Extra pieces? I don’t think Lego would be generous enough to accidentally give you pieces (cause they’ll only have missing parts).

That is kind of a large mistake…

Mistake, you mean jackpot.

Cause them wing pieces are super snazy

Generally if not for the dumb minifigure design, this whole line is amazing, the pieces and colors used in it are great.

While it may positively benefit the customer, it is still a mistake in giving the the correct pieces.

And who knows, maybe someone else opens this set, and only gets one wing piece…

That would be tragic. Though I doubt we will ever know if that were the case.

Anyways, still good for the one that got a free wing piece.

It sure is xD

No, each dragon set comes with three. I don’t know why, though.

I also have the blue dragon set and the wyvern set and they both didn’t come with a 3rd wing.

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Weird. I’m in America, so maybe that’s why?

I want this set

It has oh so many useful pieces in colors that I want. (those horns alone are worth the purchase).