Lego For Honor

Here’s the Plastic Legion!

From left to right: Centurion, Brick Prior, Conqueror, Warden, Lawbricker, Piecekeeper, and Gladiator.
Update: The Stud Empire!


Are those custom pieces?

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A few are, but most arent.


I don’t want to know what happens if someone opens the ringpull on that guy’s chest…


Doom and destruction spew forth like ink from a squid.

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Is that a BrickWarriors gladiator pauldron I spy there?

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Yes. It’s a nod to fans of the game calling the knights tin cans.

Also yes!

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What game?

For Honor- its a sword fighting game; Knights vs Vikings vs Samurai (with other historical warriors sprinkled in). I made all of the knight characters so far.

Look into Cent’s eyes and tell me that is not the face of a man who has been nerfed into another dimension but doesn’t want the world to know his pain. “Incredibilis,” he says; but, deep down, he knows he is not.

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It truly is sad.

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Cent is having a great time

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He’s just happy to be included.

I love these BTW they all capture the characters brilliantly

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I’ve added the Samurai! Double posts in creative content are still allowed, right?