Lego G1 Optimus Prime By Toa_Aveex

Hello Everyone!
Sense Transformers Devastation Came Out I decided to Build A Optimus Prime

Front Shot

Side shot

Step 1:Pull out the arms and rotate them around so that the Flat tile is on top

Step 2:Pull the shoulders out

Step 3:Separate the lower Part of cab so that 2 sections are formed,These will become the Legs,Pull the Head out so it rest atop the Cab

Step 4:Pull the upper part of the cab to ground so it rest Smoothly

Step 5:Position the figure upright

Step 6:Spin the waist around so that the Real Grill is on the back and reveal the smooth tile armor

Step 7: Spin the Head around


Robot Mode

With Matrix of Leadership

Size Comparison
Optimus Prime v.s Mini Figure

Optimus Prime v.s. Offroad

Aveex v.s. Optimus Prime

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Wow. That's amazing! 10/10

Wow this is really good and one of the best Optimus primes I have seen in a while


He even has a Matrix!

@StudentScissors, you've got competition. :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks great! I love how the transformation almost mirrors the original. I'm waiting for a G1 Megatron out of you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah nelly...

Unsophisticated Xevian Review Time!
Concept: Its a working Lego Transformer I have to like it.
Better Than What Xevins can make: This is so far beyond me it just ain't funny.
Effort: This is just great I'll bet lots of work went into it.

Optimus's truck form is pretty good, if I saw it I'd be able to tell it's Optimus Prime. Could add some more detail to make him more realistic.

Then I saw the robot mode...

Optimus just looks stunning, great representation of the actual Optimus. I can see that it must have been very hard to get him to transform and because of that it would be very, very hard to change truck form, so, I wouldn't. This is very impressive, I like. 10/10

I also love Offroad. 9/10

he was originally not going to have it

Everyones a great Moc maker,why compare?

I'm Still Trying to Figure out how the Transformation will work

Yea,It went Through 5 Versions

I just looked at other mini Optimus Primes and tried incorporating The Transformations that I liked and There you go

Thanks Man!

Thanks for the Comments!