Lego Gundam: Exia Lightning Destroyer

First off, I know 0 things about gundam. Second, I used the Exia Dark Matter gundam as only an inspiration. This probably doesn’t scream “Exia Mech!” Anyway, I tried my best to create something unique and fairly complex all around. The body has a little waist articulation, but not all that much. I balanced the colors as well as I could with my parts collection. I tried to make something original with the head; I like it but it isn’t the best design ever.

The flyer was just something quick to combine with the robot. I got the idea for it from the Raiser. It looks okay alone, but is better when it is attached to the mech.

The moc has two blue beam sabers, a red blaster(because most of my Technic parts are red), and a larger sword for his combined mode.


I guess I can see were the inspiration from Gundam comes from. Then again, I also cannot.

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Hmmm…I see what you are saying.

This is alot of colors. One or two too many, if I had to say. Other than that, I like almost everything about this moc, minus possibly the simplicity of the arms.

Es gouda

Don’t know much about Gundam myself, either, but as a MOC this has a pretty cool design.

Yeah. The colors do vary a lot, but that was necessary since I didn’t have very many shells in one color. Instead of black throughout, I had to pull in some gunmetal and even some silver to fill things out. At the very least, the colors don’t really clash with each other. :relieved:

I like the head, really nice design.

He looks more like the new Megazord than a Gundam, but that’s just me.