Lego Halloween Party!

Hey everybody, I am going to make Halloween party comic special, but of course it wouldn’t be with out guests. So I would like you guys (who would like to join) to make at least two self mini figs wearing costumes. You might be asking why 2, well I’ll check out the first mini fig and if I do not have any of the pieces I will try to make the second one. Brief thing on what type of pieces I have a lot of, ninja stuff, Star Wars, a lil’ bit of scuba stuff, Harry Potter, Chima, and Hero Factory. I hope you join, oh and I almost forgot make sure you put your personalty in there, thank you. :slight_smile:


Just a skeleton with a cape and crown please.

*The hair’s not red, it’s Star-Lord’s.
Just that in a skeleton costume.

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CountPakula and Captain Pak Sparrow

If you don’t have the pieces thats fine these were fun to make

I may be able to make my arms them as long as you don’t mind a different colored mandalor (I hope I wrote that correctly) helmet

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Any Mandolorian, and a Senate Commando, but with short legs, to emulate costumes.

Thats fine

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I have made at least 3 thing related to Halloween, but I will post them in another date.

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This will be me.
Because I have like no Minifigure parts.
So let’s just say it’s my Self-MOC in a costume. :stuck_out_tongue:

and my personality is terrible jokes and sarcasm


Ok I’m able to make the body but the helmet might have to be a different color. If that is ok?

and thanks for the personality I really appreciate it :wink:

Porb as a space man:

And Plurbel as Bub_R0ss:

His personality is being a scrub


Do they need to be custom or can I use official minifigures?

Yes, they can be official Lego mini figures

That’s fine.

Right, so community projects such as this are actually a Master-Exclusive type of project. Since you’re not a master, King_Ved, it will be shut down until you reach that rank.

Sorry for the inconvenience.