LEGO Hero Factory: The Videogame

How could It be if we had a videogame for Hero Factory?? Here I made a FAN art of how the cover could look like. I really wish we got this video game.


Didn’t we have some on the Lego site?


I made up one in my head a long time ago. All I remember is that four people could play and they could each do a different level at once, which would be difficult with cutscenes...

I want to say that kind of videogame you buy, and you can play on diferent platforms, and you can play even offline. One that is like the other LEGO videogames.

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I feel like a console Hero Factory game would've been a blend of the BIONICLE Heroes gameplay with the 3rd person shooting (maybe with a more pulled out camera), but with a bit more of the classic LEGO video game gameplay sprinkled in, like unlocking different characters, melee attack options, and travelling to diverse worlds that have their own special gimmicks to differentiate from the shooting, which plagued Heroes for how repetitive it got. Some of the RPG elements that Heroes had could've been expanded upon, like upgrading your various heroes with different hero cores that enabled them special abilities like more damage or extra shield powers, on top of whatever "elemental" powers the team members would've had. You start the game off with the 1.0 2010 designs and as you upgrade you go into their 2.0 and idiotic animal designs leading up to their breakout builds. And maybe throw in a mech level just for the heck of it.

This would've been the best thing about Hero Factory to be honest.


Imo they’d fit better as an alternate version for The 2.0 versions for more jungle based levels with minor ability add on specifically for those levels

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It would be cool to have one central plot line and then have other side missions to go on (bounties, investigations, emergencies, etc.). Also, I feel that most Lego games are fairly linear in their level design and they get a little old after a while, so I would have so that there's more then one way to do the mission. Are you going to be stealthy and set a trap for the villain or just go in guns blazing?

What about a T rated HF game? I know lego would never go for it, but I feel like it’d be fun

If you hit a Hero in the core, his parts explode realistically apart, strange goo splattering everywhere, with a scream. Sounds worse than T, but they are robots.

Lol. True