Lego Ideas Project: Good Mythical Morning!

This past week, I decided to try my hand at the LEGO Ideas platform and built a set based on my favorite web-show, Good Mythical Morning! If you get the chance, please go support it and tell me what you think. Every bit helps!

And hey, if you want, tell me what you think here as well, I’m not picky.


This is awesome

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Wow, that hair piece fits really well.

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You should contact Rhett and Link to tell them your idea because if they like it they can tell their fans to go vote


I have officially reached the first checkpoint of 100 supporters! As such, I’ve added the first (of hopefully many) updates to the set, being the Wheel of Mythicality!

I also added the cockatrice, because why not:

Support it here:

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Another update has been finished, this time being the Mythical Kitchen!

Continue to support and share with anyone you know.