LEGO Ideas WALL.E Final Set Pictures!

I don't know if you had these already but here they are if you don't.

Also I have no Idea where to put this exactly..

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I'm gonna buy the heckaroni out of that.

i would too just to put on a shelf to look at looks cool

So cute! I wonder whether those pieces they used for eyes (I really can't tell what they are) are printed with the white accents.

The white parts seem to be their own piece.

It's REALLY hard to tell with just the render to go off of. The eyes kinda look like 3x3 dishes without the stud. But they also look like textureless oriental hats.



We'll just have to wait for clearer pics.

Reedited title. These are pictures, not photos. -legomaster


That looks freaking SWEET!
I would definitely buy LEGO WALL.E sets.

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This looks awesome! I would probably buy it stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

all of the yes

Oh. Good. Lord. That is adorable!!!! (つ☯ᗜ☯)つ

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that's adorable, I'd buy it

I want one of Stitch! Please!

it even has the little cockroach on it

I might buy it if it's reasonably priced.

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That's pretty cool. The comments though!