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LEGO Juniors; a simplistic group of themes made for a younger audience. Starting in 1979 with the Animal-Based Fabuland, These 4-7 sets have evolved to the Modern Day Junior sets. ranging from our Web-Slinging friend Spiderman to a team of construction workers.

The sets are usually simplistic, with the sets usually having a piece that can only be used for one thing and a rather boring build. The latter annoys me… Alot. I know the sets are made for “little kids”, but they should not be treated any different from the older audience. The LEGO Group should not be limiting the complexity of these sets, but try to challenge the youth of today.

What are your thoughts on these types of themes? Will the Fabuland Overlords ever come back?


my thoughts exactly, I build borocks at the age of 5 I thinks kids can make simple sets aswell, unless their brains have been Ipadified already by “great” parents.


hey kids here’s a batman junior set only 2 pieces buy it



I remember when I was 6 and I had so much trouble building Axonn for some reason that I had a fit and threw his unfinished body on the ground, causing me to lose pieces. :disappointed:



I guess you were Junior’s target audience. :laughing:


Hey, that leg design was complex!




I do like the concept, just not part of the target demographic.

I never understood (as a kid) how people could have trouble putting LEGO together… you get clear as day instructions.

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I love Lego Juniors, I’ve never gotten any, but the sets are adorably amazing. I especially like the Batcave one. :smile:

It looks like 76000 gained fifty pounds


Well, gotta post the rest:

I gotta be honest, Juniors sets builds get weaker and weaker overtime and the best currently for early 2017 is the Frozen set…

try to challenge the youth of today

Back in my day, we didn’t get parts callouts for every step, we went without!

Seriously though, lego sets today are more sophisticated than the ones we grew up with. Everything nowadays uses SNOT, tile offsets, more specialized elements, etc.