Lego Marvel Army

Oh boy… where to begin. First of all, I’m putting this in creative content because a large number of these are modified or custom. If that’s not a good call, my bad. Anyway, this began a few months ago when I got a knock-off Gambit, Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Deadpool. Since then, I became obsessed with army-building however possible. Some of these are good, and a few are utterly bad, but something’s bound to catch your attention. I loosely put them into groups.

I know not all of these are custom, but I think they work best alongside official minifigs as well. I’d like to avoid meticulously typing out every character’s name on my phone, so if you can’t tell who one is, just ask.


I like a lot of these. Very nice.

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Not a fan of some of the hand painted ones. However, what I am a fan of is that Ultron. Seriously, that robotic body works really well for him.

Also, why not just have MCU Loki and normal Magneto? Those were in some sets too.

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I don’t have any of the sets they appeared in😜

Nice work.

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Is that Infamous Ironman next to Hobgoblin? Also I love your Nova custom!

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[quote=“VonDoom, post:6, topic:40058”]
Infamous Ironman
[/quote] Yep. [quote=“VonDoom, post:6, topic:40058”]
I love your Nova custom!
[/quote] Thanks!