Lego Marvel

I noticed that we had a Lego DC Comics Superheroes topic, but we didn’t have a Marvel one to counter it

Anyways, this is your topic to discuss anything Lego Marvel whether it be the sets from the Avengers to Spider-man or both of the video games that have been released to coincide with the theme so far


Tanker Truck Takedown best set.

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The only good part about the Superheroes line is the minifigures. Most of the sets sets seem lackluster and have no importance.


Never liked the line, it is not my kind of stuff.

that’s it, really nothing else to say.

I’ve never personally bought a set :stuck_out_tongue:

You should they’re really neat.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get the Spidey bridge.

A while ago I really wanted a bunch of the Marvel sets. Then I woke up one day and thought “Superheroes are kind of dumb” and immediately lost interest.

I think my next one will be the Airport Battle, so then I’ll have almost all the Avengers except Black Widow, Falcon and Black Panther.

how come no one made this topic before?
We need more figures like th Spider-man with Red boots.


I’ve received that one Nova spaceship from GotG and the Captain America vs. Hydra tank as gifts.

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Is that a new recolor I see?


I’m more interested in the all new all different Ironman.

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I’m a fan of Marvel in many ways, though I’ve been pretty staunch about not buying the TLG sets. They don’t seem to offer enough variety in piece type or color, unless the piece is a huge, unMOCable new mold. 2017 is beginning to change that though. I may buy one.

Look what start popping from


Awwww look at how cute Baby Groot is.

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That drone thing looks familiar.


NGL, the Spider-Man homecoming sets look really disappointing.

I’m also sad I never got the Spider-Man bridge set. They removed it from all my local stores now.

I completely agree, the sets were good at first with Avengers, then it kind of went down from that in my opinion

I have it, you could order it on amazon, or lego store

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Endgame sets look meh, but there’s a few good fig parts.