Lego Miniature Wargame: A monetization model


So I’m sure some of you have heard the rumors swirling that star wars battle packs were dead, and I’m sure that a few of you, like me, are sad to hear that. Whether it’s true are not is to be seen, but it got me thinking, how could lego better use the battle pack model? Outside of a handful of packs from 2008-2012 or so for things like Fantasy Castle, or Pharaohs Quest, it has been used almost exclusively for Star Wars.

However, there is potential for it to be used beyond, as a way for things people have been wanting more of (I.E. Space of various era, Castle, Western.), as a way for army building, and perhaps, as a game.

The Premise:

So, what is this idea? It’s simple. A Miniature Wargame. Now, before people mention that Lego doesn’t do things like a wargame, lego has already done it.

This is X-pod play-off, a Miniature Wargame Lego created to go with the X-pod line of sets. You built units, sent them out, and either get them across the board, or were destroyed by enemy units and rebuilt into new ones.

Now, my idea, is to use the battle-pack model to make a lego wargame, to be played with friends or family members. Now, I’m not much of a rules man, I can make some things, but a full system is a bit beyond my skills. (Though if anyone would like to develop one go for it!)

How this would be done:

The model itself would be comparatively simple, it would use the battle pack model, to army build and develop a force to play against your friends on a table/floor/etc. Each faction would get at least 2 boxes, a starter box, featuring enough units to build a small army. Probably a leader, some troops, and vehicle/special forces/turret/etc. The second box would be a battle pack, featuring a unit of troops, and a small support vehicle, which could either be part of the unit, or it’s own separate thing. It would also include extra peices for customization. (I.e. A Castle footsoldier with options for swords, spears, or axes) In addition, the line could be expanded with alternate Battle boxes with different units. (I.E. Battle Droids and Super Battle Droids) as well as vehicle/support boxes with things like catapults, a space tank/rover, etc. Perhaps with alt builds, so you could build a catapult, trebuchet or a unit of Ballistae for example.

I would propose a base lineup like so (using Warhammer 40k’s organization structure):

Starter kit: 40-50USD

HQ battle Pack(contains commanders for your army in a box): 5-10USD

Troops Battle Pack1: 15USD

Troops Battle Pack2: 15USD

Elites Battle Pack: 15USD

Fast Attack: 15-30USD

Heavy Support1: 20-40USD

Heavy Support2: 20-40USD

In addition, you could have boxes for support commanders, extra large boxes for filling out troops options quickly, and more. Perhaps factions packs if you want a particular space subtheme for example. I.E Blacktron II. You buy your space men, then buy the Blacktron II upgrade kit so you can decorate it to look in line with other Blacktron II sets.

Why would this sell?:

There’s several reasons on two sides, the Lego community, and on the Miniature Wargaming Community.

For the Lego side of things one of the easiest ways to grab the big pockets of the AFOLs, is variety. While they may be uninterested in the game a chance to buy say… a Blacktron II battle pack? Now that might raise some eyebrows. Do the same with Castle, maybe some pirates or Western, and now you’ve got them. I’ve talked with a lot of AFOLs, and for the most part, while they would want new sets, a lot of what they would like are essentially emblem packs, which the afore mentioned upgrade packs. Those alone would sell well to MOCists, especially Classic Space and Castle fans, increasing the availability of their preferred factions emblems. On the more casual side of things, things like Castle, Space, Pirates, etc. still sell well to kids. Maybe not as much as they used to be, but still enough. Not to mention, while a parent might pass up on something DC or Star Wars themed, a 15$ playset with a knight theme? That might do the trick. Obviously, the kids may also enjoy the game and ask for more sets as well.

On the miniature wargame side, the biggest selling point would be price, and it’s (comparatively) pre-built nature. For the most part, the company Games Workshop (creator of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k) has a near monopoly on the miniature games market, with Mantic Games (Creators of Kings of War and Deadzone) and Warlord Games (creators of Bolt Action) being the closest thing to competitors. However, this means they have near impunity to charge what they like for their models. Being able to buy basic troops for 15$? To wargamers used to 30+$ for basic troops, it would be a breath of fresh air. Not to mention Lego has the sheer financial weight to combat GW in the market.

On the building part, one of the biggest barriers to entry into wargaming (besides price) is the building and painting of miniatures. Lots of people are intimidated by it, and shy away, and others just want to play the game and not bother. With Lego however, it’s much simpler, no glue or screws, no painting, just snap the parts together. For those who do still like building the models, you can still paint them up like any other model kit, it’s plastic after all, or you can do some kitbashing (taking parts from other kits and combining them with glue and an epoxy putty known as greenstuff) to make them more unique. Or you can use your own lego collection to decorate your army.

Anyway, those my thoughts, feel free to come up with your own ideas, game rule suggestions, and more! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


I love this idea, seeing as I used to be a warhammer player myself I would love for something like this to happen. However I see 2 problems with it though that might make it hard to realize.

  1. The LEGO Group is very iffy on war oriented play
  2. The rules need to be heavily simplified if this were going to be a normal LEGO line

Again, I would love to see LEGO do something like this for Exo force or good ol’ castle but the likely hood of it happening is in my opinon low due to the above.

That sounds like an interesting thing for Lego to do.

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Oh this is definitely a pipe dream that’s for sure, I’m just thought-walking through how it could work.

As for point 1, Lego already made a mini wargame as I mentioned, besides they made the Sopwith Camel, a warplane, so that’s out the window. On point 2, I’m sure it could be done, but it would certainly take work.

Actually, in a Brickset interview with a couple designers, they did say that the Battle Packs will be back.

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Aye, well that solves that issue.

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I just want more battle packs in general for themes other than Star Wars. I’ve kind of got a strange desire to start army building recently.

Mood. I was looking at Brickset, and there are 6 Castle, 3 Nexo Knights, a Pirates of the Carribean pack, a Alien Conquest Pack, a Ninjago Pack, a Pharaoh’s quest pack, and a Pirates one. That’s a total of 14 non-star-wars packs compared to 26 SW Battle Packs.

Make this but with Castle please.

I need more Dungeons and Dragons minis.


I’m all for this idea, people have been trying to come up with themes that would be a gateway to buying more classic-themed sets like Space, Knights, Pirates, Western, etc. But most of them aren’t very practical.

If people don’t buy it for the game aspect, I’d still bet that a lot of people would be interested in collecting because of sub-themes the sets would be made for. I’ve been fascinated by the world of miniatures and model kits but I don’t have a lot of free time nor the tools to invest in such a thing although this is so much easier to get into.

I can imagine the theme would look something like this, but promoting it’s own sub-sets rather than different themes. And for the war-oriented aspect, I don’t think it’d that big of a deal since the fantasy themes tones it down a good bit.


If this goes how I originally had it designed, it would have Castle as one of the factions.

My original plan was: Castle, Classic Space, Pirates, Western, Maybe Ninjago. 5 Factions. It’d be a huge line, but it’d replace all the lines we lost over the years and wrap them into a single banner.

That’s somewhat what I would imagine it. Lego Battles as a game has always been something in the back of my mind for something like this. Lego has done cross-universe battle stuff before, just make it into physical product. (Obviously, that’s easier said than done, but hey-ho)


Lego can release Space, Castle, Pirates, Western, Bionicle and so on without making Battle Packs. But no they don’t want to, they think more people like Vidiyo. So, as much as I want to agree about this argument, Lego seems to ignore/underestimate it.

As for Wargaming Community… I don’t think that people that build and paint 50+ minis armies for epic battles for many hours will like to buy “childish toys”. Also, Lego already tried making Table Top Games (I mean, there even was an actual wargame) in the past, but, sadly, they closed the line.
So, from economics point of view, it seems unlikely that Lego would ever release something like this.

But I so much like the idea! Battle packs are almost asking to be used for a big-scale battle and army-building! I thought of it before, but I’ve imagined it in a slightly different way. I thought that regular sets can be organized by rules into a game. Like there would be a base set for a Theme with some troops, terrain, maybe even a printed map (or a lot of Lego baseplates to build it), all the needed cards, dice, tokens and the Rulebook. Such a thing could be released once per year per Theme. Its contents would allow to play the wargame using other Sets (and Battle Packs) and Minifigures of the Theme. Something like this.


I’ve been deep in it for a while now, and trust me, somethign like lego would be a breath of fresh air. A lot of them say that lego is what got them started into models in general.

As for releasing the themes without, you may be right there, but you never know.

I wouldn’t classify those blister packs as battle packs to be honest. They had a rather limited release in LEGO stores and on only, and their rather high price and limited availability makes it impractical to try to use that for army building.

So with that in mind, themes other than Star Wars have had barely any sets that could be classified as battle packs.


It would be nice to have a full game attached to the toys in general. No stupid app, just a top, or tech of any kind. Kinda like Mario where you could have mini figures and various connecting game board plates, etc.

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This is a fantastic idea, I would probably buy these if it became a thing


freaking 40k player, stealing D&D’s thunder

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To be fair, HGWells made the first miniature wargame before either so…

to be fair, army men figures have existed for decades