Lego Minifigure Innovation

Hello I was thinking about Lego minifigures and now far they have come. Recently there was duel molding and more printing on the figures in general and before hand there was molded heads and stuff. So I was curious what every one thought about other advancements in minfigures that lego could make? Do you think all the printing and molding takes away some of the simplicity of the figs? Or do you think there should be more?

I wasn’t sure if this should go into the lego mini figure topic or if it was good enough for a topic on its own

Here are just a few examples of different print and molding uses



Licensed figs have gotten to the point over the last five years where they’ve become so detailed that they’ve reached a plateau. They can’t get any closer to their source material without doing full-on action figures.

Minifigs are more expressive than ever too. Now they’ve got all got huge eyes and mouths. I miss the subtle expressions of the older figs but I like all the new specialty minifig accessories lego produces. Many of them have complex textures and shapes molded in which you can do some tricks with.


I completely agree and I think a good example is the new Vader helmet

It gets to the point where its basically the head of a Vader action figure and not a Lego Vader minifigure. I guess thats good or bad depending on the person.


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I’ve never liked the new Vader helmet, it’s just too big for me.


do you know what minifigure innovation needs to happen? Being able to print on the dual molded parts in LDD!

But seriously, I think that they are about perfect now. Maybe they could somehow incorporate mixle joints into the figures for better articulation.