LEGO Minifigures Vs. Competitor Figures

This topic’s about lego’s competitors specifically when it comes to minifigures

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I think this could lead to some interesting discussion. For now, this topic stays.

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It’s a regular topic because talks about things that are compatible with lego and help lego stay competitive

So, never got Mega Bloks. I have a bunch of the bigger blocks for little kids though.

I recently last year got the Kre-O Starscream.

Haven’t seen how compatible they are with LEGO though.

I have a lot of mega bloks power arngers, kre-o transformers and tenkai knights minifigures and sets and also a lot of bionicle and hf sets

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I’ll always love the simplicity and iconography of the LEGO minifigure.

mega bloks:
eh, the articulation is better, and really that’s not that important on their scale anyway,

but I find the amount of detail makes them feel disjointed from their brick-built sets,

also their faces always give me an uncanny valley vibe.

looks similar to lego, but uses balljoints, which makes the joints look odd, not a fan of the hands

never had any real experience with any other minifigure designs.

[quote=“TransparentKanohi, post:11, topic:12576”]
a lot of bionicle and hf sets
[/quote]how are those minifigures?
unless you mean the bionicle/hf minifigs, which I don’t really think is a fair comparison.


Sure go ahead and compare them to bionicle hf minifigures

Lego Minifigure Master-race!

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Mega Bloks mico-action-figures are pretty darn cool.

Kreon look weird IMO.

Don’t even get me started on Bestlock.


The mega bloks halo figures can articulate, have molded in details, and have swap-able armor

so that’s something

but I just love the lego minifigs as well


I recently purchased the DECOOL DBZ minifigures, and I can honestly say that they’re just about the same quality, if not with some better torso printing, than some official LEGO figures. plus, AWESOME HAIRZ.

Decool does this because they directly rip-off LEGO and make very minor changes to LEGO products. Look up DECOOL Bionicle.

I like the doctor who character building system ones, the daleks look much better than the ones coming out

Mega Bloks figures are pretty sweet, but they lack a certain feel.

Kreons have that feel, along with waist swivel.

Lego Minifigs will always be best, they have the customisability and swappableness that the others lack completely.



Uh… have you seen the MB Halo and COD figures?

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Well, what I mean is all the Mega Bloks figures have a unique mold, whereas Lego Minifigs are a uniform mold, so Mega Bloks figures are not as customisable in my opinion.