Lego Mistakes

(I know there is already a topic for Lego magazine errors, but this topic will covers errors across all Lego medium)

Hi there! Welcome to the Lego errors topic where errors in Lego mediums are complained about and not fixed! :grinning:

For example:

Found this here:
Apparently, Wonder Woman has bullect-DELECTING bracelets (the error is they forgot to put an “f” in “deflecting”

So, yeah what errors can you find?


This topic just screams Onya.


What do you mean? (I honestly have no idea what you @Ghosty are referring to)

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There was an error on Onua 2015’s character page and it said ‘Onya’ as his name.


Oh, that makes sense then! Thanks!

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And the fir tribe villages.


The fir tribe… and their Toa, Arbus, master of conifers! :grin:


There was one in the prologue of JTO, although I can’t remember exactly what it was…

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Comic Ekimo

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That is so funny! :smile:

I personally felt that some of the later sets from hero factory were okay :neutral_face:


So I was reading the latest issue of the Lego catalog when I discovered this cringe worthy mistake:

Not two, but three names screwed up.
Then I remembered, a similar thing happened in January 2016:

And again in spring 2014:

A set description was even incorrect this year:

Looks like they were never told that the vehicle is the third brother. Anyway feel free to discuss and add any other catalog mistakes that you know of.

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I can’t seem to find the double Nilkuu mistake can someone help me.

It’s honestly kind of pathetic to see, year after year, Lego continually make the same mistakes over and over again!

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A topic to disscus Inaccurate LEGO sets and minifigs. Inaccurate to the movie/TV show/Video Game which the licenced set is based on. For Example…

Where appears this vehicle in the movie? Nowhere! It’s just a remake of a Dino set:

It’s a cool set, but it does not appear anywhere in the Jurassic World movie, which makes it a terrible Inaccurate set.

An other example:
Indiana Jones Minifigure from The Crystal Skull. In the movie, Indy is older then in the prievous movies:

But the LEGO Minifigure is the same in all sets:

While not as inaccurate as other Minifigs that I will show later, an older face could have feat him better then the same one that they use in all the sets, that are from the original movies, where Indy is young. So, that makes him a little inaccurate.

Anyway, post your inaccurate sets and minifigs!

I’m just going to post the obvious example if you don’t mind


I just noticed that Lego made a mistake (or was just lazy and careless) in the HF breakout episode (don’t ask why i’m rewatching). They duplicated a lot of characters that aren’t meant to be horde villains


Why, is there a problem re-watching them? I recently re watched almost all the HF episodes…

Anyway, you must be very smart that you actually noticed that… There are clearly 2 Meltdowns and 2 Rotors…
I would personally have never seen that. Thanks for sharing your discovery with us!