Lego MLP Bubble Lee

another MOC/MOV of a artists OC this time its AskBubbleLee’s OC Bubble Lee or as i like to call her Bubbs
Edited link out because it contains NSFW artwork - Waj

hope you like it


the legs seem a little short.

Other wise looks great.

The greebled torso clashes with the relative smoothness of the rest of the moc, and the shoulders seem a bit broad. Otherwise, it’s good.

im revamping them anyways after groans my latest update on Nibiru

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It may benefit from longer legs and something to further break up the monotony of the gray.

bubbs, haha funny name, and really cool moc

Rather than do that, I think you should shorten the arms.

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The proportions are odd, the textures clash, and the colour scheme is very boring.


dont blame me i had to improvise since Bubbs is light grey and all i had was silver

no, because then, the arms would be disproportionate to the torso.

make the thighs longer.


I’m not an MLP fan, and I don’t know the source material, but it’s still a really cool MoC even without that. The only problem I have is how small and close together the eyes are.

This looks pretty neat.

I honestly don’t see how this is connected to MLP, at all.


Would you mind posting/linking a picture of the source material for us here who dont follow MLP?


because 67% of the community like the Anthro MLP stuff its Anthro im not good at multilegged beasts or creatures, to be honest Bubbs’s owner is an Anthro drawer her self


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Ok, from the picture that you linked, I cant see any connections to the source material, though from a build perspective its great, its just that it doesn’t represent its source material at all