LEGO Monkie Kid

here your chinese nexo knight

(will upload more image later on)

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We’re checking to see if these can be discussed publicly. No watermarks, so until we hear otherwise, these can stay.

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Ooh new lightsaber handle!

The Monkey King Mech is easily my favorite set of the wave!

Has some nice sets, but I wish it wasn’t another generic futuristic theme. Heck, they didn’t even give them proper names! Pigsy…? S…S…Sandy…?

Aside from these I really like the new pieces it introduces. Look! Chromastone Magenta spikes 2.0! Love those. And the mech has so many cloth pieces good for constraction.

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Same here.


I mean, these are good sets and all but they just seem… boring. These look no different from sets you would see in ninjago.

Some of the temples look kinda neat, but are then ruined by gatling shooters and other doodads.

(Lego Phantom of the Opera when?)

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Hey everyone, we just got word that LEGO will be having the images taken down, so we’ll need to comply. I’m going to close this until things have been properly revealed.

The sets look great, but the price seems to be a little to high for an original LEGO theme… I’d love to get the Monkey King Mech, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford it.

I don’t remember dragon ball having this many mechs.


So, what do everyone think of this new theme?

I’m actually really interested when it comes to the animation. It has that visual style i now kinda wish was used for Ninjago, Chima and Nexo Knight’s shows.

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I’m concerned about how it’s going to sell. And even though I like it, the animation looks too anime-ish for a chinese theme.

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I’m glad that they’re trying something new with this 2D animation style. It looks a lot more visually appealing then most of LEGO’s previous TV Shows.

Agreed the CG style of things like Clutch Powers, Ninjago and Chima always looked… off to me. It was kinda straying into uncanny valley for me.

I know it’s up in the air about who owns the JTTW IP, so, I’ve done some digging, and the JTTW IP is more than likely held by the Chinese Government, or is in the public domain.

It’s how the Chinese system works. From what I can tell, if you are a native company or group registering an IP, you don’t own the IP, the government does. You just have exclusive rights to use it.

If it’s a foreign IP, the laws are the same as everywhere else.

Feel free to corret me if I’m wrong.

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you know. remember when I said this?[quote=“KingBoss, post:154, topic:49871, full:true”]
maybe I should say I ALREADY hate this theme. because again, it was Speculated to be a Constraction theme and you know how long we been waiting for a another one but NOPE it isn’t.

at this point I feel like Lego hates us and wants us to Suffer and Starve to death because that what it looks like too me

while I’m still a bit upset it ain’t Constraction I can clearly and kindly say LEGO ARE BASICALLY MAKING A CYBER DEMON

and not just that this theme actually looks cool! now I actually really hope this dose better then Chima and Nexo Knight

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In my opinion, the theme looks great so far. I am not so much disappointed in the prices, more so the size of the sets. I can’t think of any themes off of the top of my head where the two smallest sets are 35 and 50 US Dollars.

Overall though, the designs are really good. In particular, I like the colors of a lot of the sets. Lots of keetorange, teal, magenta, medium azure and gold. They really add more life to the theme and enhance the aesthetic.

I think in the future however, it’ll be a question of “can this theme separate itself from Ninjago even further?” If it is able to and retain the sales, we might have something special.


so, the animations are out (don’t really know when they were released for sure, but they’re out.)

Apparently the people who animated Rise of the TMNT worked on this. Let me repeat that in chase some people get the wrong impression,

apparently the people who animated Rise of the TMNT worked on this.


What I don’t like about the animation is that the characters are constantly jumping and darting around. Even in scenes where they’re supposed to be having a normal conversation, it seems like they always have to treat it like an action sequence. Every other sentence, MK will jump and wave his arms. It’s kind of annoying.