Lego monster venom revamp

Generally I just wanted to add articulation to the original lego model. Now he has a full waist, knees with rotation, and ball jointed head along with the original builds points as well. I tried working on a mouth but I couldn’t find a way to add a jaw without making it too weird looking.

It wasn’t worth an update post but I also added a head to Spider-Man’s robot.


Neato! I just bought this set at a con over the summer. The Venom mech is super nice.

Do you have any black ratchet joints? They’d look much better than the dark grey.

Also, I highly recommend steadying your phone camera when you take pictures. Right now several of the pics are too blurry to properly see anything.


Friggin awesome

I really wish this was an actually a set!

It is (and a mighty fine set too). The original set probably lacked this type of articulation in order to be more durable and playable.