LEGO Mosaics Discussion Topic

I feel like LEGO Mosaics are a pretty underrated LEGO MOCing style that people rarely even talk about. And I could barely find like 3 mosaic MOCs on this entire site. So I decided to make a topic on it.
Here are a few amazing ones I was able to find online:

Seriously, at first glance you don’t even believe they are made of LEGO!
So let’s talk about it.
(Note that the mosaics above are in no way made by me, they are just used as examples for the discussion)


The Jonny deep one. Perfection

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Hey, look, stuff I can’t do

Man, seeing these both in LEGO and in Minecraft is way too cool.

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I’ve seen these around at conventions, and I always think they’re amazing. The amount of skill and tallent to make these is incredible.

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