Lego or Transformers Set/product Design

Hey, all!
I have a Career Expo project coming up, and I want to ask for some help.

My two top career choices are either a Set Designer for Lego or a Product design for Hasbro Transformers. I tried contacting Lego, but they won’t give me the necessary information. Hasbro does not have any visible contact for this, either.
So I would like some help contacting either of these specifically for information about the jobs and an interview with someone in that position.

If you can help, great, if you can’t no problem
Thank you all

(also, is it okay if I asked this here? If not, feel free to lock this.)


Don’t know about an interview but I’m sure maybe there’s a career or contact or something on their websites. I’d also imagine to get something like that you’d have some design test for Said toyline.

Yeah, I looked for a career description, but all they have were the open positions.

I’ll look for some specific contact info, though. Thanks!

Well good luck since I doubt that’ll be easy. Maybe try searching twitter or Facebook on transformers or lego since transformers seems to reveal stuff on twitter.

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I’m not allowed in those kind of websites.


It’s for a project. I’m sure your parents can make an exception.


I’m actually looking to become a set designer for Lego or a product designer for Hasbro, too, and I’m currently at my third year in university.
Pardon my english, I hope you can understand the following sentence, as I don’t know how the education system works in your country, but only in mine, Italy.
If I remember correctly, to get such jobs you should get a three years degree in Product Design, in the case of Hasbro you can also get an Engineering degree (3 or 5 years, I don’t really remember).
After that you’ll have to create your portfolio, which is a “collection” of your projects made in university, in work stages, etcetera, which you will present to your job interviewer.
As for contacts, if you cannot find contacts or that infamous “work with us” on thir sites, you could try and look up for their “sister locations” and ask them. Even going to expos could be a good idea to try contact Lego or Hasbro.

With that said I wish you best of luck, hope to meet you when we will both get the jobs of our dreams.

Thank you so much!
I hope you make it to one of those positions.
Hey, maybe we’ll work together someday.

…No offence, but if you’re too young to access facebook or twitter, you’re probably not going to be getting a job at either LEGO or Hasbro any time soon.


It’s not that I’m not old enough, it’s that my parents really don’t like the environment on those websites.

Plus, it’s for a career expo. I know that it’s gonna be while until that happens

Again it’s for a project and I highly doubt you’ll see anything risqué from an acount like tf wiki, hasbro, or lego. The worst I’ve seen was the whole POTP jazz maga deal.

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Thank you so much for the help. I think I can get the info need now.