Lego Overwatch Community Brainstorm Project

(Just to start out, I wasn’t really sure where to put this topic between Lego and Creative Content)

Hello, message board users! Over Christmas break, I received a copy of “Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition”. Now I must say, I love this game. What would I love even more if it existed? Real Overwatch. What real thing is a perfect medium for creating a real Overwatch? Lego!

I know that as of now, this is not likely to ever happen, but let’s be honest: so is a Bionicle G3. If Lego were to turn to a shooter game to make sets off of (ones that take themselves seriously, sorry Splatoon), I would actually first see Battlefront II. However, that does not differentiate enough from an existing line to discuss in my opinion as Overwatch. So why not just Brainstorm what it could be like? I also know a topic was created by @VelociJACKtor about a Lego Overwatch, but I felt that that was more of a discussion over his amazing Reinhardt moc and whether or not it could exist. This topic would be ignoring both of those, and just getting down to the sets.

We can discuss the sets, what they’d be like, and rules for each one. I’d think mocs would be really cool to see too.

To start out, let’s begin with some borderlines and set ideas I have already come up with. These can always change, but that requires some fair arguments against these.

  • Each set would contain some sort of conflict, allowing a story to be told without buying extra sets.
  • Minifigures would be a prominent form of advertisement, so I would suggest only one of each figure being available in the sets.
  • Each of the sets with a $20+ price point would have to have some sort of location.
  • I know some Overwatch characters are “bad guys” (Reaper, Sombra, Widowmaker, Junkrat, Roadhog etc…), and some are “good guys”. I’m not too knowledgeable in who’s-with-who, but I think Lego’d advertise the “good guys” against the “bad guys”, not intermixed teams like the actual game.
  • While skins would be a cool feature, I don’t think they should be in the sets. Instead, I would suggest a minifigure pack containing legendary skins for all of the minifigure characters.
  • Speaking of minifigures, Winston and Roadhog I can guarantee would be big figs, while D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, and Bastion would each be mixel figs, at least in my mind. Therefore, ultimate skins (save for D.Va, but not her mech) would not be available for purchase.
  • Each set that would have a location would be a map, while I would suggest not making more than one set for a map.
  • Each map, if available, should have at least a “native” character. For example, a Junkertown set must includes Junkrat, Roadhog, or both, but not neither. If a set like Blizzardworld were to exist, which I’m pretty sure has no “natives”, obviously it is not required.
  • I would ask that each character be available for purchase in at least one set, and each character have a built version of at least one of their abilities.
  • Ultimates, while suggested for some (Junkrat, for example), are not required, and sometimes discouraged.
  • Lego would also put some money into the amazing functions in the sets, no matter how simple. I could see a concussion mine explosion for Junkrat (I’m sorry for bringing him up so much), a self-destruct for D.Va, a zip-line for Widowmaker, and a rebuild-able Bastion.

I think those are all, I hope this Brainstorm could work here on the Message Boards, and please, tell me where I should put this topic. I’m excited to see ideas, minifigure concepts, set designs, even complaints about my stupid boundaries (which, again, are easy to change). Please leave feedback, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


A mini Hanamura would be p cool

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I’d love to see some MOCs made for this!

The idea of seeing a set form of say, the entrance to Shimada Castle or the statue on King’s Row would be really cool!

Maybe location sets could even be miniature dioramas. Each one could include a few modular set pieces from the maps.

Like maybe:

  • Hanamura
  • The Bell
  • Shimada Castle Gate
  • The Second Point
  • Route 66
  • The Gas Station
  • The Map Finish
  • King’s Row
  • The Statue
  • A Red Phone Booth
  • The Map Finish
  • Nepal
  • Omnic Monk Statue
  • The Control Point
  • Volskaya Industries
  • The First Point
  • The Second Point Entrance
  • The Floating Platforms
  • Eichenwalde
  • The First Point Choke
  • The Bridge
  • Balderich’s Resting Place
  • Junkertown
  • The First Gate
  • The Rotating Platforms
  • Junkrat’s Treasure Hoard
  • Numbani
  • A Bus
  • The Control Point
  • Attack Spawn Room

I mean, those are just a few of the maps, there’s endless potential to release different set pieces from each one as a set so a buyer could collect them all and put them together.

Maybe each Payload type map can even have their own model of the payload in one of the sets for that map!

It’d be really cool to see, even as a MOC!


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Also isn’t community project only allowed by Master status unless someone approve this type?

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I tried to make a Reaper figure with existing prints last summer. He turned out nicely enough for my purposes, but I think if you all are interested in making these akin to real sets you should probably look into getting some vinyl stickers designed for the figs.


@PakariNation99: I’m a little unsure what you mean. To me, when you say “miniature dioramas”, and “modular set pieces”, I think of either the Lego Ideas Minecraft modulars, or the modular buildings from Creator. The thing is, I’d want these sets to be affordable, and I don’t want you to feel like you only have a part of a story by buying a singular set. Some maps this may be perfect for, namely payload maps, but I don’t think it should be every map. Another thing to consider is if we even have enough heroes for these. Maybe if we cut down each set to two characters, but I’m not sure if that’s worth it. If what you mean is there are different parts of the same map in the same set, then I’m all for this. Also, could you maybe save pictures of the locations you mean? I know a few, but I typically find myself playing arcade all of the time.

Yes, this is great! This would be the easiest objective to put into Lego, and would be really cool, building a Limo for Hollywood or a pile of coins for Junkertown. I’ve been thinking about some other objective, maybe control point could just be like “protect Eichenwalde’s gates from siege” or something like that.
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Also isn’t community project only allowed by Master status unless someone approve this type?

Thank you, and I have no idea.

@Garnira: Looks pretty sweet! The vinyl stickers would be cool, though for the most part I was imagining digital sets, so if we could get some digital artist in on the project, that’d be really cool.

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I mean sets that are large enough to be considered their own sets (think the medium-sized building playsets), but that can come together however the owner wants to be something bigger. I really mean modular not in the sense that they can physically connect, but that they are units of a greater whole.

I also don’t mean modular to reference how large those sets are, I mean sets about as large or slightly larger than this:

That makes sense, but that could easily be averted by containing an interesting play feature and at least two minifigures on opposing sides for each set, and maybe lessening the number of sets needed to have a full map.

I’m sure it’d be okay in that sense. There’s 26 heroes in the game, meaning you can make 13 sets with two minifigures. That’s an okay number of sets, and maybe there can be a couple duplicate minifigs, maybe we can actually use the different skins as well.

This is also very viable, and probably better. They might be a bit bigger than my size estimate, but I can easily see that happening.

I missed a few, but those were mostly what I had in mind.


That clears some things up. Some maps, like Eichenwalde, could handle the modular, but I would also like some sets to be of smaller maps so there could be sets that feel completely complete. About the skins as other figures and duplicate figures, this is a possibility, though we should keep it at a minimum.

I also quickly made these for Tracer, Junkrat, and Zenyatta, you can critique how you’d like, I have no design program or skill to make custom printing, so just go off of the pieces and colors.

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I don’t really know much overwatch, but I’d love to see it as a CMF series. The character designs are LIT.

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all I just want is Overwatch CCBS sets ;-;

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