Lego Pirates 2015 Set Names and Prices

Lego Pirates 2015 Set Names and Prices

It’s that time of year again; leaks for Lego’s Winter 2015 set lines are starting to emerge. Swiss shopping site Max Bersinger AG has recently posted the entire Winter 2015 range of Lego sets to their website, before swiftly taking them down. These listings included set names only (no pictures), but thankfully CM4Sci and David Thomsen from Eurobricks have managed to obtain some additional information about these sets, such as better translations of their names and NZD prices.

In April 2014, ReBrick held a contest to determine the name of a Lego Pirate Ship releasing in 2015 ( Once the contest had ended, The Brick Bounty was selected as the winning title ( Naturally, this led many to assume that the Pirates theme would be making a return in 2015. These beliefs have recently been substantiated, as David Thomsen has provided a list of sets and prices (in NZD) over on Eurobricks!

17.99 NZD - Shipwreck Defense

39.99 NZD - Soldiers’ Outpost

39.99 NZD - Treasure Island

59.99 NZD - Soldiers’ Fort

179.99 NZD - The Brick Bounty

Link to David Thomsen’s Eurobricks post:

Written by: Mesonak 9/4/2014

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