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The LEGO Polybag, the tiniest sets around. Whether you find them at your Toys R’ Expensive’s racks or @Target’s checkout, you usually end up making an impulse buy because of them.

Most of the Sets that lay inside of the bag are usually tiny, either being a Miniature Vehicle or a Minifigure and a small thing that accompanies it. Some might think that their size makes them inferior to anything else, but in actuality, their Build can be just as complex as any of your other set, with the designers using pieces that you wouldn’t traditionally place in a set.

What are your thoughts on these types of sets? Which one’s your favorite?


I go to Target and I see a polybag costs 5 bucks.

inflation sucks.


Well, you’re getting a Minifigure and a 50 piece vehicle… I’m pretty sure it pays for itself.

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Polybags are bad

end of story

The golden Kulta mask and mini Fortrex beg to differ.

Kneel before me!


[quote=“Spooky_scary_Ghosty, post:4, topic:14357”]
Polybags are bad
[/quote]Most of the City Polybags are Great…

Still calling it a Nexo Minecart.

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Do they still do that Lego Store month minibuild? Many impulse buys originated from going there every first Tuesday of the month to build a little thing.

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Yes, but you now have to reserve your spot, which is nearly impossible to do.

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The only polybags that I’ve gotten are the ones that are free when you spend a certain amount at the Lego store or whatever. Other than that I never really cared about polybags.

I remember getting the Klaak years ago.

That set was bad.

Which type of Polybag do you prefer: System or Bionicle?

You lucky Duck. They cost $8-9 here.

My favourite Polybag is either Frodo’s Cooking Corner, or that sweet Gandalf one.

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Here’s all my poly bag sets
I’m surprised about what I found out after doing some research through brickset and brickipedia. It didn’t say anywhere that 07 bad guy, the two mini mechs and the mini x wing were also released through the Swedish Disney comic book “Kalle Anka & CO”


Best polybags are the Star Wars micro builds.

#Can’tSeePic :confused:

Six clear cones and a 2x3 AKA set 4071.

Best set ever in the lego studio line.