Lego Portal

Not exactly original to make a lego portal moc, but I did it anyway; (or at least, when I made it when Dimensions first came out, I never got round to taking a photo then).

This ‘photo’ is actually a blend of two different photos I took with different depth of fields to try and give the illusion of there being no DOF. A couple of spots are a bit blurry but I think I did alright.

A couple of extra pics of the little extras here:

Edit: wow this ended up on Kotaku


While I’ve never played the portal game but this still looks pretty fantastic and well detailed.



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This is absolutely amazing. This is just perfection.

Wow, this is amazing. I especially love how you built the turrets and radio. You’ve made me want to replay both games now. Simply incredible.

I was going to put a gif of the Doctor saying “fantastic” but then I realized he looked creepy in it so :confused:

Anyways, good MoC!

This is beautiful. You captured all of the famous game mechanics with great accuracy. I especially like the four dysfunctional ground pistons as they bring back so many memories from the game for me.

I’m impressed with the level of accuracy to the setting. Even more so, I am impressed by the way you conveyed certain details: using the flame piece to form the rims of both portals; the piston systems raising those platforms; etc.

I need this in my life.

They said perfection could never be achieved.
They were wrong.


I like the accuracy. Though I have never played portal, I had to sit through an hour of my friend playing portal two.

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i love the radio…

This is really good but i have one complaint: Where am I!?

Absolutely astonishing, fantastic representation of Portal in Lego form. With some awesome and unique parts usage!

I dunno. Orbiting the moon probably.


Absolutely fantastic! I would totally buy this if it was a set!

I made a turret build a lot like that, except for the legs.

Saw this on Reddit, loved it. I think not actually having a ton of exposed studs did wonders for this model.

ah of course

Instantly recognizable, and the illusion of an actual working portal is ridiculously amazing. The thought and effort put into the MOC really shows.