LEGO Racing Topic

Everyone has encountered at least one of these themes. From Mini-Scale Edgemobiles to a race around the world, the Racing-based themes have been a staple of TLG since the beginning of the century.

What are your thoughts on these types of themes? Which one’s your favorite?


Racers was one of my jams as a kid.

Drome theme (in which racing got some degree of story integration) was awesome, and the online game was more awesome. Also Xalax (2001) racers in the same boat. Tiny turbos were pretty rad, have 30 or so in a bin at home. Also


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I had a few Racers growing up, and had one Xalax. Lego Racers 2 was my jam as a kid. Had a few of those small cars, those were cool too. I haven’t gotten any since 2009-ish.


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The 2000 Race theme was cool

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You mean Tiny Turbos? Those were the best part of Racers. I think the only non-Tiny Turbo sets I ever got were the 2006 Power Racers and most of the 2007 Power Racers. Right now, I only have 1 Tiny Turbos set still together, because the stickers on a lot started peeling off. I’ll probably start ordering back my old Tiny Turbos sets from Amazon and/or Bricklink, but I guess the Bullet Run set will have to do for now. :smile:


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This theme, which ran from 1998 to 2013 is aparentlly now a forgotten theme. That is why i want to start this topic to revive it in the LEGO community. To me, this is like one of the best themes off all time… but anyone else seems to have forgot it… Here are some of my favourite sets of this theme I wish I would own:

Ok, we still have the Speed Champions theme today, but belive me, that theme is NOTHING. The Original LEGO Racers had so cool cartoony cars, based on real life models, but mostly they made their own crazy cars. I will always love this theme, no matter if people care about it or not. Here are some more sets:

I really don’t see why people can just overlook such cool sets… But this was the purpise of this topic… to remind you of it.

If you want to see all the sets from this forgotten theme, here is a link to brickset page of this theme: LEGO Racers 2002 | Brickset


A couple seem familiar…
I never owned one but they were always cool to see.

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I got a ton of sets from this line… got a few of the standard-line pullback ones from 2004-2008, and a bunch of the Tiny Turbos, and the Red Beast.

Also s/o to 2002-2004 when the Racers theme had a storyline.

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I used to love the Tiny Turbos (weren’t there also McDonald’s toys of those?) and the pull-back motor stuff, so yeah, I remember it very clearly.

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Oh I loved this theme. I got at least 40 sets from the theme, mostly Tiny Turbos, some pull-backs, some air-stompers, some Drome Racers, some Technic, you name it. Almost every subtheme from the series, I had a set from.

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I owned only 3 sets when the theme was still going on which are: 7968 Strong, 8303 Demon Destroyer, and 8304 Smokin’ Slickster. Looking back on how cool this theme was, I wish I got more of those sets. I am probably going to try to get some from BrickLink or Ebay in the next mounths…

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I remember seeing the adds for the ones with the air pumps you stomped on.

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thanks for reminding me, i was supposed to get my hand on the Williams F1, but forgot about it!

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Tiny Turbos is what got me into lego.


Racer sets were super expensive for me at the time.

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I always got the small yellow cars when they came out.

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You might be interested in this if you haven’t already seen it.


Of course I have seen it. I am subbscribed to Nick on Planet Ripple