Lego Ratchet (Transformers) by Toa_Aveex

Hey Everyone,Aveex Toa of fire here!
I have Built something,here it is!

Here’s the reference images

Robot mode

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot


Now it’s time to

Step 1: Fold out the Back panel

Step 2:Fold the shoulders in shoulders so they become flush with the body

Step:3 Fold in the head

Step 4:Push down the canopy and push the back panel down

Step 5:Push out the exhaust ports and Push the legs under the Car

Step 6: Push out the wheel so the van is stable

Now your DONE!!!

Front Shot

Side Shot

Back Shot

You can open up the back and put stuff in there

Mini-figure comparison

Welp that’s it!
Post’em Down Below


Looks excellent. I always liked Ratchet as a transformer.

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“heh, there’s no way that can actually transf-… well then”

nice work, looks awesome


Dang, that’s pretty cool… Although would there be a way to make the wheels look a little more functional? I’ve never built something like this so I don’t really know…

The differing greys on the wheels bug me.

Well, he has a head,
so that automatically makes him better than the g1 figure.


sorry but this dose not look like g1…

it looks like the transformers animated…

but at least it looks good

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Does a nice job a resembling the source closely, as well just looking plain cool.

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Anyway, I think this is pretty neat.

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well i BEAT you to it

get it

No, I don’t, sorry.


because when you get hurt you go to the doctor

cause beat=pain

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Zero Outta Ten
No Clank

Amazing Moc
I really want to see you try Unicron (80’s Movie Version)
or Mega Maid

This is kind of inspiring

As an animated Ratchet, this is pretty good! nice work!

There’s been an influx of transformers recently. Well I need to start making more… Cool Ratchet though, although the side view of the vehicle isn’t that great. Building small is probably hard though.

This is amazing! I love everything about this!

Pretty good!

Cool! :yum::blush:

This is really fantastic. Great job. :smile: