LEGO Rek'sai (League of Legends) MOC

This is allowed right? Lil bit different from stuff i usually make but i thought i’d give it a shot. For those of you if any who play or have played LoL, you might recognise this guy (or girl rather). I’m a sucker for working on a small scale whilst still retaining detail and i feel this is easier to do with system. So hemce i decided to try and make Rek’sai, and here are the results.

Side note, i only realised half way how little blue pieces i own :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick edit: Heres a picture of the REAL Rek’sai ingame for reference


Looks really good for the size! Never really been much of a Rek’sai player tho

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Really nicely done, really love the shaping. I was a rek’sai main for a while before the ‘nerfs’.


Look s really accurate.

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