Lego Replay

I found this on the other day, and it’s an intriguing process.!

I’ve been debating getting rid of a large portion of my system pieces, and the free shipping, combined with the knowledge that someone will enjoy it, this might be enough to tip the scales for me.

(there seriously isn’t a lego tag?)

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LEGO Replay is indeed a very interesting idea for getting rid of used LEGO. It fits in nicely with the various fan-led initiatives over the years (like Creations for Charity and those organizations JANGBRiCKS sometimes sends large lots of reviewed sets to).

It is an interesting idea. Imagine how many lego pieces are stored away in boxes because the owners don’t know what to do with them.

Another thought, It could also lead to a revitalization of old lego themes. if someone sends a space police set, for example. And the kids REALLY love it, it might prove to Lego that there is still potential there. Assuming TLG pays any attention to what happens to the bricks once they leaves their hands. It seems like to good a chance for play-testers for them to pass up.


To clarify, TLG doesn’t pay any attention to what happends with their products after they leave their hands. They just sell it, and that’s it.
Plus, how would they even know what happeds with them? It’s not like they would just visit random houses to see if the kids enjoy their sets.

What I mean is, if you look at the project, it’s going to one of two places, which makes it easier for TLG to keep track of things.