This year, I’ve been going to San Diego Comic-Con. As such, I wanted to add and collect as much new LEGO information as I can from there, for the purpose of reporting, recording, and discussing it. I’ll be updating this topic as the days go on. A lot of this is Ninjago themed, as LEGO is really pushing it this year and it’s the system theme I personally care about the most, but I’ll try to cover everything there is. With that being said, here is my coverage of nearly everything LEGO at Comic-Con 2017:

Day 0 (July 19)

Show Floor
Unsurprisingly, much of the show floor is themed after Ninjago. The main building area of the booth features instructions for various different Ninjago-themed set-pieces (pillars, arches, and the Ninjago “N”). In front of the main area are three life-sized LEGO Statues: The Flash from “Flash,” Thor from “Thor: Ragnarok,” and Luke Skywalker from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The main displays in the front show off “NINJAGO® City” as well as various Brickheadz (including the 2 exclusive ones).

In the corner of the booth is a demo for the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game. In the demo level, the players control Lloyd on the Green Ninja Mech Dragon (Player 1) and Jay in the Lightning Jet (Player 2) as they fly through Ninjago City, taking down some of Garmadon’s jets as they do so. After 3 dogfighting phases, you switch to Kai (Player 1) and Cole (Player 2) fighting Garmadon’s goons on the ground as you attempt to repair the city and get to your mechs. The game launches September 22 on PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The display cases on the side of the booth shows off all the new sets coming out this summer, including one not seen before today: “garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON!” from the LEGO Ninjago Movie line. It’s price is $79.99, and it’s a Toys “R” Us exclusive.

The shop in the back of the booth features nearly all the new summer sets for sale. Because of my general bias towards Ninjago as well as what I feel most people would find interesting, I took note of all the prices for the new Ninjago Movie sets:

$3.99 - THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE Minifigures
$9.99 - Spinjitzu Training
$19.99 - NINJAGO® City Chase
$29.99 - Master Falls | Manta Ray Bomber | Flying Jelly Sub | Water Strider
$49.99 - Green Ninja Mech Dragon
$59.99 - Lightning Jet | Fire Mech | Garma Mecha Man
$79.99 - Ice Tank | garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! (Toys “R” Us Exclusive)
$99.99 - Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon
$159.99 - Destiny’s Bounty
$299.99 - NINJAGO® City (Likely to be Direct to Consumer)

If people would like me to get the prices for other sets, I’m happy to do so. I personally bought the Water Strider and a NINJAGO minifig.

Day 0 Picture Gallery

Day 1 (July 20)

Outside the Convention Center
First day of NINJOGA. Not much to say (since I didn’t go to this one), other than it’s Ninjago yoga.

Show Floor
The Ninjago-themed builds have been replaced with a building area for Garmadon. There was also a giveaway of small Ninjago Movie sets.

Sails Pavillion
Personally, this was the part I was satisfied with the least today. The distribution of the tickets for the exclusive Brickheadz set (Spider-Man / Venom) seems to have been completely messed up by SDCC security, as around 300 people managed to jump into the LEGO line before going through the “Everything” line required to actually get into line, leading to many people (myself included) not being able to even get a chance at winning a ticket, and the line closing down 15-20 minutes after the con opening. This didn’t happen to just the LEGO line, but Funko too; and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to the other lines too (albeit to a lesser degree). Hopefully this is fixed for the giveaway tomorrow.

The giveaway for the minifigure (Deadpool Duck) was a lot better, going at a more reasonable pace compared to the Brickheadz, and more people getting a chance to win one. I luckily managed to get one of them.

Unikitty Panel

[spoiler]Note - I am writing this 2 days after seeing the panel. The order of events may not be perfect; however, this is what I remember it being, and all the information in this is true.

The panel opened with 4 Unikitty models being set up: Unikitty, Space Unikitty, Disguise Unikitty, and Queasy Unikitty, in that order. Right before the panel began, Tara Strong came out briefly to say “hi” and show her support for the show (She wasn’t supposed to be there; however, a Teen Titans Go! panel was right before this one, and she had a little bit of time before her signing). Then, 3 producers of the show, and Eric Bauza (the voice actor of Unikitty’s arch nemesis, Master Frown).

After a little bit of chit-chat about what makes Unikitty a unique and relatable character, the episode was shown. In it, it’s Puppycorn’s (Unikitty’s younger brother’s) birthday, and he’s about to make a birthday wish. However er, before he can, Master Frown and his sidekick show up and steal his candle and wish from him. In order to get it back, Unikitty and Puppycorn must travel to Madter Frown’s world: The opposite of Cloud Cuckoo Land (if that’s what Unikitty’s world is still called), Frown Town.

After the episode was over, Eric talked about how easy it was to play Master Frown because of how angry-sounding his voice already is. The Q&A then began, however, the only interesting things I can remember from it is that the audience should keep an eye out on the hawk warrior, the fox doctor, and Unikitty’s and Puppycorn’s butler (who is just a floating LEGO brick) as they are all really funny, and there may or may not be a crossover with Teen Titans Go!. The series releases sometime next year.[/spoiler]

The new show looks cute, and like it would be plenty of fun for younger kids. The animation style seems to mostly be the same as Teen Titans Go!, however, it also includes some restrictions to keep it grounded in the world of LEGO (Unikitty’s legs decidedly don’t move, and a lot of the characters are made of blocky shapes to imitate that LEGO aesthetic). It seems like a pretty wholesome, fun show, with a lot of comedy, action, and sentimentality thrown in (It reminds me a little bit of MLP in that regard). It also seems it would get repetitive in tone and general structure very quickly. That being said, I could be quite surprised.

Ninjago Movie Panel
Now, this is the real meat & potatoes of today. There’s a lot to cover here (some of it potentially spoilery), so this will probably be one of the longer sections of the coverage.

To kick it off, the panel began by setting up brick-built name tags for all the presenters, with the voice actors having their roles on them as minifigures. After this, the moderator came up and have a short speech about what makes the LEGO films special. Following this, a compilation clip of the 3 LEGO films played, transitioning the audience from the first two into this new one. The producer of the three movies then came out to discuss with everyone what makes the LEGO movies so great, before introducing the different characters of the new movie with a new character trailer. As the voice actors came out, a polybag version of the Green Ninja Mech Dragon was passed out to everyone in the audience.

The voice actors were first asked about how they prepare for their roles (The announcer pronounced Nya’s name throughout the panel as “Nai-ah,” rather than “Ni-ah.” This may or may not apply to the a actual film.). Justin Theroux bases his Garmadon off of narcissists he knows in real life, Olivia Munn just does the opposite of everything her mother did, and Abbi Jacobson just relates to the strong, rad character of Nya. Kumail Nanjiani is then asked if he played with LEGO as a kid, to which with some humorous responses he ultimately said “yes.” Michael Peña’s son is apparently a LEGO fanatic, having been to “LEGO Seminar” earlier today and learning some pretty advanced techniques from it. All Zach Woods could say about Zane is “a robit who wants to be a teenager,” and that he looks like “a freshman from Princeton.” The film is apparently Dave Franco’s favorite project.

After this chatter, a new trailer played for the film, which will be released tomorrow.

The trailer depicts Lloyd having a discussion with Koko about what she saw in Garmadon in the first place. Apparently, she was a lover and a dreamer, and didn’t realize that when he said “I’ll take over the world,” he meant it. We then see how Lloyd is isolated and ostracized by the rest of the kids at his high school, followed by some of the shots of him being a her from the previous trailer. We then here from Wu that they must train to be ninja, as Garmadon once was, and Lloyd accidentally releases a giant, real-life cat named “Meowthra” onto Ninjago City.

After the trailer, the rest of the presenters talked about the film, before doing a short Q&A session until the end. Here are some of the information from that I found interesting:
-All the fight scenes were choreographed by Jackie Chan’s stunt team
-The film is 2 weeks from being finished
-Justin came up with the “Luh-loyd” joke
-Michael’s seen every episode of Ninjago, and rode the LEGOLAND ride 5 times
-The Gold Ninja may or may not make an appearance in the film
-The main point of the film is Lloyd trying to give his dad a chance. As such, the back stories for the other ninja won’t be as fleshed out.
-There’s a reason for Garmadon’s heavy nautical themes this time around, and it somehow involves the cat.
-After the LEGO Movie 2, more diverse and varied themes are being considered for films

Day 1 Picture Gallery

Day 2 (July 21)

Outside the Convention Center
Day 2 of NINJOGA. Again, not much to say, as I didn’t have time to attend.

LEGO has delayed the new trailer’s release date to tomorrow; however, it was released before they expected today.

Show Floor
Today, they’re handing out a unique Justice League poster up front. I don’t know where the Ninjago Movie poster is available.

The Garmadon statue is still under construction. Once complete, it’ll stand over 7 feet tall.

The LEGO designers of the “NINJAGO® City” set are livestreaming the building process behind it. It can be seen here.

The line for purchasing the exclusive Brickheadz consistently wrap around the booth halfway. I bought 4 more Ninjago minifigures.

Sails Pavillion
The set (Supergirl / Martian Manhunter) ticket drawing was a lot better this time around. There were a lot more security measures and people watching to make sure less people jump into the line. The pace was also better, with seemingly more people losing than yesterday. I actually managed to win one this time!

The minifig line (Vixen) is rather long, and moving at a rather slow pace. Thankfully, I decided against getting this one, as I wanted to focus more on the Brickheadz.

Day 2 Picture Gallery

Overall, not much happened today, and I don’t expect much will tomorrow, as there were no panels today and there are none tomorrow.

Day 3 (July 22)

Outside the Convention Center
Third day of NINJOGA. Again, don’t have enough time to go to it.

Show Floor
The giant statue of Garmadon has been finished. Construction has begun on another model this time; that of Lloyd.

Today, they were handing out little Ninjago coloring books as well as an exclusive Thor: Ragnarok poster. It’s, as well as the Justice League poster’s, creator, Tom Whalen, signed both of them as well.

After asking the person who’s been running LEGO’s Twitter, I found out that the Ninjago Movie poster has been given out at some point physically at the Warner Bros. booth. As such, I won’t be able to get it.

Sails Pavillion
The way the line works for the Brickheadz ticket release, as well as most of the other exclusives, was a little bit different today. Rather than have everybody rush to get into the line at once, security grabbed a group of people and put them into the line. Once they passed, they grabbed another group and did the same. I can only assume they did this so that the lines weren’t forced to go down the steps, which if opened, could lead to people who weren’t in the “everything” line beforehand sneaking into the exclusives lines. Through some really nice luck, I managed to get 2 of the Brickheadz today (Spider-Man / Venom).

The minifig line was really long today (Deadpool Duck). I’m lucky to have gotten one on Monday, as to not worry about it today.

Day 3 Picture Gallery

One more day left! Tomorrow’s gonna have 3 LEGO panels (including one on the Ninjago TV show), so it’s going to be a lot more productive. I might add a Day 5 to summarize my thoughts on SDCC as a whole, as well.

Day 4 (July 23)

Outside the Convention Center
Final day of NINJOGA. Once more, I won’t have time to attend the session. Sorry about not being able to cover this part for you guys!

Show Floor
No exclusive posters were handed out today. The large statue of Lloyd was finally finished, and the small statue of Garmadon signed by someone (I wasn’t there at the time of signing, so I can’t say for certain).

Sails Pavillion
The line was really well managed… for the first 5 minutes. After this, a swarm of people were let loose in the direction of the LEGO line. Thankfully, there were 2 members of security blocking off the entrance, and nobody had any time to cut in line. I managed to get another of Supergirl / Martian Manhunter sets.

The minifig line (Vixen) was just as ridiculous as ever. I decided to go against waiting for it, even though it was the last opportunity to do so.

Scooby-Doo Panel
The film, Blowout Beach Bash, was okay. It does have some problems (in that the film at times feels overly long, and other times really short), and in general is just okay. Some of the jokes miss, and some really land (mostly the ones involving the fact that they’re LEGO), but most of the jokes are standard fair. The explosion, water and fire effects are surprisingly decent. The songs, on the other hand, were pretty bad (thankfully, they only were in the first half). Overall, it’s an okay film. I would recommend it if you enjoy Scooby-Doo, but otherwise, I would skip it.

The panel, while short, was pretty fun. 3 signed copies of a poster for the film was handed out, and it almost all a Q&A session with some of the cast and crew.

The film was released today / is already available.

Superhero Girls Panel
The film, Brain Drain, I personally think was better than the Scooby-Doo one. If I had a complaint, it would be the final concert scene of the film feels very out of place with the rest of film, and some of the dialogue seems fastly paced at times. However, the film has some pretty decent jokes, and I think it’s a stronger film than Scooby-Doo one.

The panel was pretty short as well, and really nice. It had some of the writers and all of the main cast on it, and a lot of it was discussing how important strong female characters for girls to relate to are. There was also a Q&A section, and 3 signed posters were given out.

The film will be released July 25th.

Ninjago Panel
Again, this was probably the big highlight of the day. There’s going to be a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

After a short introduction from the Voice Actors (as they couldn’t attend the panel) and a short trailer for the season, the first thing covered was the creation of Season 7, The Hands of Time. The design process of the season first began with choosing what characters the season would focus on, in which this case they chose Kai & Nya. For their new story focusing on them, they wanted to try to explore the mystery of “what happened to their parents.” They actually had the idea of the elemental masters for a few years now, and only now we’re they revealed as a way to tie into this season. The Hageman Brothers really didn’t want to do a time-travel season, as all the problems time-travel bring up; however, as they were not involved with this season, the time-travel idea for through. They then moved on to discussing the new Ninja X, and though they didn’t give anything away about who it is, they did heavily imply that we may get an answer to it in the next season. The Bermillion were originally green; however, when the name “Vermillion” was chosen (which comes from how they are vermin and there are millions of them), their color was changed to red. They then talked a little bit about the designing of the Fusion Dragon and how that was translated to the TV show, as well as how the disappearance of Wu would effect all the ninja and their lives. The music of each season has a featured instrument in the soundtrack (for example, the feature instrument in Season 7 was the dulcimer).

[spoiler]They then moved on to Season 8, revealing it to be called Sons of Garmadon. Firstly, during the discussion of The Hands of Time, they explained that we will learn where and when Wu has diassapeared to, as well as how and why Zane has his elemental powers. After the discussion of the music, they talked about how LEGO approached the team to “re-establish Ninjago” as a franchise, and take it “to the next level” in terms of quality and depth. They wanted the story and the characters to sort of grow up with the audience, and make sure that Lloyd is evolving (this is probably a part of the reason why his voice actor was replaced; to represent his transition from childhood to teendom).

Next, they showed a trailer for the new season. In it, the citizens of Ninjago City are holding a festival. During it, several mysterious people who resemble the Ninja with helmets are shown climbing a large tower. They eventually reach the top, and the green one pulls out 2 bright-red katana, using them to cut out a hole in the window. Once open, they get inside what appears to be an art gallery, and start searching the place. They eventually come across a mask guarded by lasers. The green figure uses the red katana to block the lasers, and pulls out the mask. When the white figure tries to pull out the katana, however, the alarms in the building go off. As they try to make their escape, they are chased by Lloyd, showing off his new look and conversing with P.I.X.A.L. along the way. After the long chase sequence, the green figure eventually gets away, deploying a parachute with an emblem that closely resembles Lord Garmadon (the presenters made it a point that the person on the parachute is not Garmadon). This short, unfinished sequence is all that has currently been made of the show, and is planned to be the opening sequence of the season.

They then did a Q&A session, and revealed the following information within it:
-We will learn the specifics behind Wu’s elemental powers.
-Dareth/The Brown Ninja will be heavily featured in the new season / will have many appearances.
-New, awesome female characters will make an appearance in this season, and some faces from the past will return (Skylor was thrown out as an example).
-There will be a short time skip, and some form of time travel will return.
-We will find out the reason why Lloyd was chosen to be the Green Ninja.
-There was a place before Ninjago that the First Spinjitzu Master lived, and we may find out some information about it in the new season.
-Lloyd (as well as assumingly many of the other characters) has been redesigned to give him a look that more closely resembles the movie. This is to prevent confusion from newer audiences as to the identity of the character, as well as make him look older.
-Everyone on the panel agreed that this season of Ninjago is the best they’ve ever made.

The season will start sometime next year.[/spoiler]

Day 4 Picture Gallery

It’s finally over! Sorry about the long delay in this final update; there was a lot of information to go through, and there was some things as well that were taking up my time; however, SDCC has ended, and so too has my coverage. I will be staying in California for a little while longer for college trips and grandparent visits, but I am going to Brickfair, and I will be selling/giving away some of the stuff I got. If people still have questions on some of the stuff I posted, or just want to discuss, then go ahead; otherwise, that’s that!


Thanks Jed1ndy. This is great.
BTW, the new pronunciation of Nya’s name is giving me painful flashbacks to The Last Airbender movie, where they pronounced Aang as “Ahng”.


[quote]Thanks Jed1ndy. This is great.
BTW, the new pronunciation of Nya’s name is giving me painful flashbacks to The Last Airbender movie, where they pronounced Aang as “Ahng”.[/quote]

No problem!

I hope that was just the moderator not knowing how to pronounce the name, and not something like the Last Airbender. People already don’t like the change to “Koko,” they don’t need more to get upset about.

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day 4; bionicle g3 gets announced


Ok, first, I want to point out that the explanation that they have for Zane’s Powers was suggested by 2 fans at the 2016 SDCC Ninjago Panel, who were also there this year for 2017.

Second, you actually missed a point, my question. The serpentine won’t have very much presence in Season 8