Lego sentai team

I was watching power rangers and this happened

And of course the team has the combined finisher weapon

Then the extras as well


Ooh these guys look cool. Nice job

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All I can say is… go go power rangers!

Nyooooo nyoo nyoooo nyooooo

These all look really good aside from the blue guy’s weapon. I can tell what everyone else’s weapons are supposed to be, but his is unrecognisable. It looks like some kind of spanner or tuning fork with a giant lump on the end of it.

I was expecting Exo-Force lol.

I like how the yellow guy has a smile on the back of his head.

These look Very Nice™, but the red guy’s weapon is way too big.

Power rangers having ridiculously oversized weapons is kinda a trope.

Besides that’s also the combined weapon mode as well. The tonfa is his individual weapn, blue has a hammer, and yellow a crossbow.