LEGO Shortage

Sooooo I saw this on the news today. any thoughts?


Seems similar to how LEGO failed to meet the demand for BIONICLE back in the day.

This is actually a fantastic thing for The LEGO Group. It shows that the product is growing larger, appealing to more people. It


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Maybe more kids will be forced to buy constraction if the system sets run out?

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That would never happen, mainly because the plastic used for the Constraction pieces would go over to their main money-maker, the iconic LEGO system.

You guys should read the comments below the article. This guy raises an interesting suggestion…

What do you guys think? Is raising the price a good solution to the issue?


Raising the price wouldn’t really do anything for the product, in my opinion. The sets are already more expensive then their obsolete competitors, making parents acknowledge their cheaper prices. This could in turn, make the company lose fans.


So since Lego sets are more expensive, parents are more likely to buy the competitor’s cheaper prices?

Or are you trying to say that since Lego sets are more expensive, but the competitor’s quality is lower (meriting the cheaper price), that parents will appreciate Lego’s price point for what it is?


For some, yes.

That’s another reason why people buy the sets.

I didn’t word my post very well. :confused:


Raising the price would be a solution, but I don’t like that one.

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I blame the bootleg company wasting plastic resource.

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raising the price might be a good solution, but I don’t like it, because:

  1. I already pay more than you Americans for my Lego
  2. Lego might notice that their sales stay the same, but their profit increases (the higher prices), so they might keep the high prices, even though Christmas is over.

Also, A Lego store just opened in France, like a week ago, but I just went there, and there was a line to get in, there wasn’t any contraction sets left on the shelves, less than their usual amount of system, and all their tecnhic (technic: forever alone DX) and when I asked the cashier (you know how cashiers are such jerks, but in Lego stores, they actually have to be interested in their products, so they tend to be nice and helpful? well, this one was still nice and helpful, even with the crowd. also, in France, people who work in sales treat you like dirt, most of the time), and he said that they were simply out of everything: bionicle, star wars buildable figures (I asked about general Grievous), minifigures, friends… and that they were getting shipments every week or so. What I’m trying to say, is that if Lego raises their prices, they won’t come back down again.


Good for Lego, but please o please

Don’t put this idea into their heads!