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Space, one of LEGO’s most well known Evergreen Themes. Starting in 1978, It has gone by many names, from Blacktron to Futuron, Space Police II to Alien Conquest.

I personally loved the Space Police III Subtheme, thanks to the wonderful thing that were those Mini-Movies, the variety of Minifigures, and the Sweet Set Designs.

What do you think of the theme? What’s your favorite Sub-Theme from the Line?


Space Police III was cool. I only ever got one set though.

I liked the one where they had spaceships.


Whenever they have the grandios strugles between an army of aliens and a team of humans, I want to buy the sets a little more, but sadly I’ve never had the money for it. Space is my favorite overlapping theme for Lego, and I want to see a new itteration in the coming years.

So, in other words, Anything except for Alien Conquest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mars Mission and Space police 3 were the best.

I’m actually attempting to build every Classic Space set in LDD.


I really enjoyed the Mars theme that had those glow in the dark, green alien mini figs. Back when I was a kid, I had one the giant space ships (I honestly don’t remember what it was called).

I also don’t remember what the line was called, but It was out around the time of Bionicle 2007.

Mars Mission is still my favorite Lego Space theme. Mostly due to Crystalien Conflict. I love that game to this day.

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You are probably referring to the Uber Cooul Space theme, Mars Mission; a sort of successor to Life on Mars.

Blacktron all the way. I really hope they make B3.(I would want it to keep B2’s colorscheme, or perhaps make use of the new trans bright green)

Aside from that, I’ve liked all of the modern space theme, save Alien Conquest. Galaxy Squad had some really great figs and more than its share of cool vehicles. I just wish we got some terrain with it. Space Police 3 and Mars Mission were pretty great too; I have fond memories of both.

tfw I’ve only ever bought one small Mars Mission set

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I bought the set with that tumbler thing with a mini-drill bot and a minifigure with a face


Rock Raiders was technically a space theme, and that was my favorite one growing up (before bionicle came out, of course ;p)


Wasn’t in before the thread got closed, someone had asked why there arent many major Space themes anymore. I believe the reasons of this can be summed up in two statements:

  1. The lunear landing was what propelled space into popularity (Classic Space), followed by the mars rovers (Mars Mission). There isnt much major space breakthroughs today.

  2. Star Wars.

However I still have hope that one day we’ll get a proper space theme with sub-factions and everything.