Lego Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga

Lego have released the trailer for a new Lego Star Wars game bases on all nine movies

Get hyped below


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I’m excited for it but I really hope it’s good

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The past few LEGO Video Games have been quite boring and repetitive IMO. Though I think it would be nice to play through the whole Skywalker Saga, it would probably still suffer from the cons of the previous LEGO Games. (Because let’s face it, they are all exactly the same, just with a different theme and a few extra features).

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I haven’t picked up a new LEGO video game since 2015, and while I agree that the fundamentals are still the same ol’, I am more tempted than usual to try this one out.


It’d be cool if they made the og levels just remastered complete saga and then the sequels just as crappy as the force awakens game

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This looks great! Man, I hope they’ll do the Anthology films, eventually, or at least a Battle of Scarif bonus level.

Seeing how Dimensions and Worlds should technically be included in that, I disagree (In fact, I love Dimensions because of how different it was).

And I personally still enjoy them. They’ve definitely improved over the years, with the cool looting system in Hobbit and customization in Marvel Super Heroes 2 (and I assume DC Villains).


They were the only exceptions. All the rest are basically the same, with just a few new extra features added on. I used to enjoy them too, but got bored after a while. I still haven’t 100% completed any of those I own, because I just got so bored of them. I would much rather have something new like LEGO Worlds instead of all being rehashes of each other. It worked for a while, but it doesn’t work anymore for me.

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I’m just hoping the level design isn’t abominable. I’m excited that all dialogue will return to grunting.


I haven’t been enjoying Star Wars as much recently as I used to, but I might get this if it introduces some new and interesting features, not just new mechanics to make the game ever so slightly different from other Lego games.

Give us four-player local/online co-op already!


Never understood Lego’s wish to dumb-down every character they can.
I get that this is supposed to be a kid game, but do we really need Vader to share his hand and Kylo to make a snowman?


Yeah, it worked for Super Heroes and was basically required for Lord of the Rings, but everyone knows what’s happening in Star Wars.

Dimensions’ got you


I genuinely found that part funny.

Has anyone else noticed LEGO’s weird joke obsession with severed limbs? Everything from this, to Luke’s robot hand in Complete Saga, Aragorn getting kicked off a cliff by severed Orc limbs, and Azog’s hand literally crawling everywhere after it gets cut off.


I mean, I smiled at it too, before I realised that lego does this sort of jokes with everybody.


I believe LEGO The Incredibles and The Ninjago Movie had a four player feature, but I’m not entirely sure.

I totally agree. Not a fan of that either.

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To my knowledge, TT Games hasn’t confirmed that they’re cutting dialogue from the game and returning to the traditional pantomime. I think they just did the trailer that way and the game will actually have the dialogue like we’ve had since LEGO Batman 2. Since Matt Wood is working on the game, I feel like this is evidence of that. I don’t think you’d get Ben Burtt 2.0 to work on the sound engineering for your game if you were just going to be using all the archived sounds.

Still, could be wrong.

Skipped on the console version of The Force Awakens but played it on PS Vita and had an enjoyable time. Considering this will have all 9 of the Skywalker films, plus content from Clone Wars, Rebels, and most likely the two anthology films? Certainly going to be the biggest LEGO game to date. Sign me up!


Just found out this was a thing.

Probably the most hyped I’ve been for a lego game in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I just hope it delivers tbh, the complete saga was one of my first video games full stop, not just first lego game.


Question: is it available on Xbox?

It was announced at E3, so…

Of course, but only on Xbox One.

Oh, very convenient. This is the one I have.

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