Lego Starship Enterprise Mini-M.O.C....made with Bionicle parts

Warp Drive, Mr. Scott!

This is a new rendition of a build I did 4 or 5 years ago, using the jet pack pieces from the 2008 Bionicle line and a Bohrok-Kal shield.
To be honest I’m more of a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek fan, but I love the federation starships. lol

Live long, and prosper. Na-nu! Na-nu!


Well done. That is awesome.

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This is awesome and you should feel awesome for making it. My dad’s a total Star Trek nut, too; I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of this!


My dad has all of the movies and episodes (original and Next Generation) on Blu-Ray; I’ve seen them all.

He would really like this.

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Thats not a Star Trek thing… Thats a Mork & Mindy thing… :open_mouth:
This is a pretty awesome creation you got there, I certainly wouldn’t have thought of using this technique! :smile:

So simple, but so faithful to the original! Nice job!

Holy awesome parts usage, Batman. Seriously. Those Mistika jets as the booster engines are really cool. And the Bohrok shield makes a nice command disc.

It’s nice. Definetly the enterprise

This deserves a theme song!


That’s amazing! Such a small, simple thing, yet so great!

Woah…recently started watching Star Trek and jumped on this topic as soon as I saw it.

This is amazing yet so freaking simple.

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Thanks dudes :smile:

Here’s something for a weird crossover :laughing:


I though it was Mecha Godzilla at first.

It’s so adorable…

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The original Star Trek is my favorite TV show. I love this MOC!

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This is incredible! For something so simple the parts choice here brings out the overall look of the enterprise.


Federation ships are the best.

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I just remembered, when I first built it years ago, I used the dark blue ‘eye’ pieces instead of the red ones like I used here. Y’all think I should change it back to blue?

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I just like how you used BIONICLE parts over system. That’s pretty cool.

That would probably fit better, yes. Unless this is the Enterprise from Dark Mirror, in which case you may want to make everything else Gunmetal, Red, and Black. :stuck_out_tongue: