LEGO Super Packs Topic

LEGO has released some Super Value Packs in the past, I am not sure how often they do it nowdays. Here are some Bionicle Super Packs:

And here are some Super Packs for other themes:

If I remember correctly, I once saw this super pack in a store a while back…

What do you think of those Super Packs? Do you own any of them? Have you ever saw them for sale somewhere? Let’s discuss!

I’ve got the Power Miners Superpack, but that’s it I think.

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From where and for how much? I tried to search them on Ebay, but I could not find any listings.

By god, I really do miss these. These were at least 20% of the Lego my family and I got probabably

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Oh! That one with Vakama Metru and the matoran. I got that for Christmas last year.

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Sealed? Online that thing goes for roughly 100$…

@LTVmocs wow, so this means they were pretty common… 20% of your entire collection is a lot…

Yep. It was about $30 if I remember right. Found it at a Bricks and Minifigs. Also got Matoro Inika and two Rahkshi, all unopened.

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I believe Lego does a CIty Superpack a few times a year, and I’ve seen some neat star wars ones in years past.

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I mainly meant mostly my extended family plus I was over exaggerating but they were pretty common in the states.


Yeah, they are common.

LEGO likes us.

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I got this old-school value pack Christmas 2000. It was one of my first sets. Spent many hours using that little red table as a kid.


I got it back in 2010. It was reduced anyway so we got it.

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