Lego Transformers Conquest: Devastator

This is the first 'reposting' of a MOC from MOCpages that I'll be doing. It's one of my bigger projects, being an entire Gestalt, but it can fully transform with minimal parts removal (just a few things for the combined mode) and Devastator itself has plenty of articulation.

Keep in mind that this is a CUSTOM Devastator, so the members will be a bit different to what you're used to. He involves:

Left Leg - Rampage
Right Leg - Long Haul
Lower Torso - Bonecrusher
Upper Torso - Steamhammer
Left Arm - Saberdrill
Right Arm - Hightower

I'll start off with a preview image that Raptortalon made. Not much to see here, so we'll move on.

Long Haul forms the right leg of the Gestalt. He transforms into a futuristic truck, and both modes house the feet in the form of guns. The guns can stay in place during transformation, but you can take them off. The LDD at the end is meant to give you an idea of the actual colours.

The left leg, Rampage, transforms into a modified scooping vehicle, with spikes on the front instead of a claw. The idea for these Constructicons is that they swapped out their building tendencies with weaponry. When he forms the left leg, Long Haul takes one foot/gun while Rampage takes the other. Both feet have ankle articulation and knee articulation.

Bonecrusher forms the lower torso section, pegging into both legs. His swords also form skirt armour, which is a neat feature. His alternate mode is a Cybertronian Clawed Vehicle.

Steamhammer transforms into a simple steamroller, with Devastator's head as a gun on the top. His torso actually transforms without adding in any extra parts except for the spark component, which is a much better feat of engineering in comparison to the huge stick-on purple wing chest that Hasbro still uses to this day. Also, the arm's just in place there to show how it clips in. It is not the actual arm.

Hightower was chosen to be the right arm because the crane makes a good silhouette. He's the shortest of the Constructicons, and he transforms into a crane. The front half of his vehicle detaches like Roller, and also forms the hand.

Saberdrill is an entirely custom Transformer, having not existed in any prior universe. The closest thing to a drill Constructicon that I can think of is the drone in the Power Core Combiners set, and after owning that set for a long time I made Saberdrill in a similar fashion. Rather than having a hand, he has a drill arm instead for the Gestalt mode.

The final component of Devastator wasn't always planned, but after learning of the character I decided to make him part of the Devastator team. Vos was originally in the IDW comics, transforming into a sniper rifle that Megatron wielded. So as to make the scaling better, he now becomes Devastator's gun. Like the original, he can remove his mask.

Devastator combines in LDD only. Although I am confident that the parts can stand on their own, I do not have all of them to test the Gestalt mode.

For all of these LDD files and more, check out the folder on MOCpages ( or scroll down a bit and click the individual links.


Wow this looks great the only think that i dont like is the wonky colour scheme

That's what the LDD's for. Also, wait for the rest of it...

I became aware of this topic's existence less than three minutes ago and I'm already impatient for more.

The remaining parts will be posted tomorrow, however feel free to check out all of these components in the links below:

Long Haul:

Also, check out the upcoming parts on MOCpages first.

Saberdrill (Left Arm):
Vos (Devastator's Gun):
Devastator's Fully Combined Mode (With LDD):

All the pages have LDD, so feel free to build this behemoth yourself.

@Toafactory Follow the links below or wait until tomorrow. Enjoy. smile

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You also might want to read this topic. wink

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I like how much you can do with this.



but seriously, the designs on these are great only to be ruined so badly by the level of rainbow

That is an issue, which is where the LDD comes in.

Now the other parts have been uploaded. (Just saying so here so as to put the comments into context).

I need this!




Feel free to download the LDD then. Most of the parts are available from Pick-A-Brick.

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The models are awesome, but the colors need to be more be more consistent.

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