Lego Transformers Conquest Optimus Prime

This is actually the fourth version of Optimus Prime I made for the Lego Transformers Conquest line. It contains a few elements from the first three versions, and uses ideas from Cybertron (Galaxy Force), Prime Beast Hunters G1 versions. It can fully transform without the adding or removal of parts (except for the weapons), and an LDD file is provided on the MOCpage.

To see the MOCpage, click here:
One thing I forgot in the Devastator showcase was the youtube transformation. Pity. Oh well, I’ll use it here. I’m sure you will all recognise the soundtrack.

The other Transformer you see in this showcase is Warpath, and you’ll see him over here later. No, he’s not a ‘rainbow MOC’. I actually bought him off PAB, so he’ll be fully coloured.


Wow this is great keep up the great work

Does the video count. As advertising

Advertising? Don’t think so. It’s the transformation showcase. It’s basically just showing off how it transforms I’m not asking anyone to subscribe or anything. Besides, I think its unlisted anyway. May not be, but I’m sure its okay.


Yellow on physical model is jarring, but that can be forgiven due to restraints.
A good example of the system based TF style.

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I like your model, just the colors are so spastic on the IRL version

other than that it’s cool


The IRL version reminds me of Energon Omega Supreme.

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Awesome! hey Declan.

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Okay but I have aa recommendation
When doing the physical one just have enough parts for it and I really want you to make Galvatron

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I don’t really do that other thing where I buy a whole tonne of Lego very much (although there are cases that will be posted soon). As for Galvatron, sure. Just let me finish Victorion and another request I’ve got going.

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Its cool,but if you can make the colors more accurate that would be awesome!

Parts issue, hence the LDD. I’m not exactly in the best position for buying specialised parts.

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try build MakeShift

Armada minicon or Prime pretender?

Prime Pretender

I actually have a story for LTC, and I don’t think pretenders really fit into it (considering how they’re all on Cybertron). If I figure something out I’ll make it further down the track.