Lego Transformers Conquest Victorion

Apologies for my lack of content shortly after joining. It’s just that I was working on another huge combiner project (as you can see here) and also have been nose-deep in studying. But now, I am ready to show you another awesome combiner. For those not aware, the Torchbearers are a team of female combiners that merge to form the mighty Victorion. The idea and design for the team was, similarly to Windblade, was a fan-chosen one. I voted for the designs, and I got the torso, gender, name and location of origin that I voted for, so plus one for me! If you want more details on this character, visit the TFWiki page ( Also, I recommend reading Transformers IDW if you can. Just google a reading order and the rest should work (eventually).

Also for Whaddon, the guy who requested Galvatron, you’ll get him next. He may take some ideas from CW Cyclonus, though.

And one more thing: STOP TELLING ME ABOUT THE RAINBOW! Not all of us can afford large amounts of Lego, so I use LDD to outline the official colour scheme. Please, stop complaining.

First, I’ll start off with the combined form. She’s not as big as Devastator, but in many ways she improves on the issues he has. The joints are more sturdy, and although the waist joint has been omitted the combiner works better as a whole.

This time, I started with the torso first. Pyra Magna retains the front section of the Hotspot mold, however she brings in a whole new design with a battle trailer instead of the crane seen in the original. This is basically just to differentiate the two.

The second part I build was Jumpstream. This also doesn’t deviate from the source material too much, except for the fact that she has guns on the hood of her car mode. She forms the left leg.

The third member I created was Skyburst, who is the second deviation from the source material. By altering the helicopter design to make it a dual-bladed one (similar to the legends springer from ROTF), I was able to make the ‘twin helicopters’ (no really, they’re supposed to be twins) vastly different from each other. The blades can rotate forward in vehicle mode, and they can also be used as guns in robot mode.

When I started the arms, I wanted Dustup to be vastly different from her source material because the car mode seemed a bit bland. It seemed too much like Dead end, and even Streetwise managed to get around this problem. So, I changed her into a muscle car.

The final member of the team is always the weakest, because by that point you’re tired of working on the same thing for weeks on end. This here is Skyburst, and out of the five she’s the closest to her CW counterpart. Her transformation is also similar, with the legs spitting from the cockpit, the tail fin folding around the back and the blades storing around it.

And that’s it for now! Make sure to like this MOC, and follow me on MOCpages if you can. I will be building Galvatron next, so look forward to that. Also, a quick tease for a project coming in December: I’ve built a minifigure-scaled Sixshot. Six modes? No partsforming? How does he do that? Does it have that fan mode that was canonized in the Headmasters cartoon? All those answers will be revealed at Christmas, except for the last one, which I can tell you now: no. No wingwolf mode.


Also, check out the LDD files for this here:
Pyra Magna -
Jumpstream -
Skyburst -
Dustup -
Stormclash -
Full Combined Mode -


That’s gotta be the longest first post i’ve seen in any topic :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty coo I guess. But i’m not fit for critiquing system shtuff



You should’ve see his other topics. :laughing:

He’s pretty cooul, but his Backpack is a bit Meh.

0/10, not enough Megatron! XD But, in all honesty, these MOCs are very creative, clever, and cool! Good job!

Some one re @ me to come here in about 30 minutes so when I have time I won’t forget to give it a critique.

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In the Tool Box menu, if you select “Take a Screenshot”, you will get a picture without a background (and the picture would be smaller in size).

Oi, dis seems cool.

SHE’s pretty cool. The Torchbearers are an all-female combiner.

I’m aware. I prefer the effect with the background.

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I don’t know anything about Transformers, so I went with what I thought it was. :confused:

It’s cool. Not many people know of her anyway.

why are they rainbows

Jokes aside, I love these, especially Skyburst. The fully-assembled Victorion looks amazing as well :smiley:

10 hours later

Okay critique time:

Pyra Magnus:

The robot mode is fine… but the vehicle mode is a mess.
I can’t make out any wheels and it’s very lumpy.


The robot mode has a lot of kibble just hanging off the back, the proportions are weird but not horrible. The car mode is pretty nice looking very old and fast but the giant guns and the back wheels through me off.


The robot mode has a pretty big kibble back pack and the proportions are weird. I quite like the vehicle modes over all shape but it could be cleaned up here or there.


The robot mode is very kibbley and the proportions are way off. I like the chest but the rest feels like it needs to be compressed. The vehicle mode is to long and looks a lot more like a pick up truck then a muscle car, but other then that it is fairly clean.


The robot mode has a huge back pack and weird proportions. Vehicle mode is a bit nondescript, lumpy and boring.


The proportions are very weird and it looks like it’s about to fall apart, or break it’s legs under it’s weight. It looks really jumbled and it’s hard to tell what a lot of the stuff is.

I have to say I’m not a big fan of these. Some have good vehicle modes, but bad robot modes, others have good robot modes but bad vehicle modes but none of them hit the mark with both modes being good.
(Sorry if this seems harsh)

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Nah it’s cool. I get it. It may look flimsy but I can assure you it’s as sturdy as it needs to be. As for the rest of the criticism, I’ll take it into account two years later when I make another combiner, because for now I am sick to death of them.

Also, it’s not harsh. I’m not the kind of person who gets all hung up about a little criticism. In other words, LET 'ER RIP!

Also, I forgot to mention, thanks. You don’t get this kind of criticism on MOCpages, and although I still prefer that site for the larger TF community, it’s nice to be able to receive some once in a while.

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