Lego Transformers Dotm/Rotf Starscream

From the front.

From behind.

A close up of his thrusters.

The underside is a bit fat but sadly I can't fix that.

Hi two accessories, his gun and his saw blade.

They can store under his wings.

To begin the transformation flip up the cockpit and splay out the wings.

Than flip down the legs and rotate around the cockpit.

Than rotate out the waste.

Than slide out the thrusters.

Than flip them out.

Than flip out the back sections.

Than position the arms so they're out of the way.

Than bend the jet at the ratchet joint.

So you can rotate around the whole back section

Than bend the jet as far back as you can at the ratchet joint.

Than flip in the cockpit.

Than rotate up the wings onto the back.

Rotate the wings so they're positioned like the one on the left.

Than rotate and flip all the pieces on the wings so they look like the one on the left.

Than slide down the arm all the way.

Than rotate around the head.

And done.

From behind.

Doing some fancy flying.
(How to coming soon Hopefully )


That's awesome!

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That is a very nice transformation! Great job!


I wanna buy this thing.
Right away.

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Thanks :smile:

That won't be necessary I plan on making a how to.

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hey it's dorito starscream : P

jk, this is cool


That's so cool! 9/10!

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If you figured out a way to lower the nose in jet mode it wouldn't look so fat.

that said this is, as usual a well made systemformer.

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Banned for Bayformers! Whoops, wrong topic stuck_out_tongue

This is a neat little build. I like it.


This is pretty sweet. I'm not a fan of the Transformer's series, but I gotta say, you pulled off some pretty legit transforming lately. I gotta say, it's pretty creative!


Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:


'Tis glorious.

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These should be polybag sets. If they were, I would buy the crap out of them. That's saying a lot because I'm broke as a wild west bank and not at all into transformers.


Awesome, Student!

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So tiny, so awesome, so yes...


Thanks :smile:
Oh and I made this yesterday:


You should try to make videos to explain how the transformation process is done. I like the model, but I get lost in the transforming instructions.