Lego Transformers SKYSURGE (custom combiner)

Hey! It’s me Toa_Aveex! it’s been so long sense I’ve posted anything here!
So i wanted to come back with a BANG!!!

Here’s SKYSURGE!!!

He’s what happens when you try to make the Arielbots,and forget Silverbolt…
Front shot

Side shot
So as i said he’s made of most of the Arielbots with the addition of Powerglide,and the subtraction of Sliverbolt,i really am happy with this build,because scramble city is allowed!

Back Shot
The Head of the combiner has parts of all different transformers heads designs(Cannon in back-Omega Supreme,Horns on side-Optimus Prime,Hat thingy-Sideswipe)

The Team
from left to right
Firefllight, Skydive, Powerglide, Airraid,Slingshot
Front shot

Side shot

Back Shot

(sorry no transformation,to lazy…)
front shot

Side Shot

Back shot

Powerglide Alone

Other Arielbots

Junk Need for combiner Mode

Post 'em down below!


This is amazing! The limb bots are pretty decent for their size, Powerglide looks great, and the combine mode looks fantastic! I love the combine mode weapon. The entire set is just amazing.

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I remember the days when I made cool lil stuff like this. Really cool man.

Do you think you could include a solo shot of Powerglide, and a separate group shot of the limb bots in robot mode?

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Yeah,no problem :slight_smile:

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