Lego Transformers: Wake

Bet you guys didn’t see this one coming! Yes I do enjoy building Lego Transformers as well! This is meant to be some kind of modern sail boat. Here’s the pics,


Robot Mode!

Hope you guys liked it. Also sorry for being gone for so long. Later


Good moc

Interesting. The large amount of visible studs is not the best though.


i must say.

this is probably the cutest little boat-robot i’ve ever seen.

It’s a little Sail-bot…

Too bad it’s not a row boat, or it could be a Row-bot…

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Oh no not the puns.

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I am so using this joke

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Neat transformation!

Not bad! It looks a bit fat and chunky thicc in vehicle mode, but other than that, it’s pretty great. Keep it up!

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I like the angularity