Lego Ultra Agents Set Names and Prices Leaked

Lego Ultra Agents Set Names and Prices Leaked

It’s that time of year again; leaks for Lego’s Winter 2015 set lines are starting to emerge. Swiss shopping site Max Bersinger AG has recently posted the entire Winter 2015 range of Lego sets to their website, before swiftly taking them down. These listings included set names only (no pictures), but thankfully CM4Sci and David Thomsen from Eurobricks have managed to obtain some additional information about these sets, such as better translations of their names and NZD prices.

In a moderately surprising turn of events, Ultra Agents, Lego’s most recent “Action” theme, will receive a second wave! The theme has quickly become beloved by many, so this is a very welcome turn of events.

Credit goes to The Brick Fan for the translated set names and NZD prices.

Spyclops Infiltration (70166) – 17.99

Invizable Gold Getaway (70167) – 39.99

Drillex Diamond Job (70168) – 59.99

Agent Stealth Patrol (70169) – 89.99

UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter (70170) – 119.99

Link to The Brick Fan’s article:

Written by: Mesonak, 9/4/2014

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Wasn't there a minifigure from the last Agent's theme named Spyclops? Continuity much?

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Well... there was "Infearno" in wave 1...

AntiMatter sounds like a pretty good villain. Also stealth patrol sounds interesting.

I have a theory that they'll be crossing over the newer lines with the older versions. For example Bionicle will feature the old Toa.

With Agents the situation appears to be that they'll be bringing back old characters in newer forms.
- Spyclops is the same Spyclops from the Agents line
- Infearno would be Dr. Inferno who was caught in the Volcano.
- etc...