Lego Ultrabuild Gamera

While last year marked the 60th birthday of Godzilla, this year is also a birthday for another Japanese giant monster, Gamera, the Invincible, the original mutant turtle!

Size comparison between it and my Godzilla MOC

I was gonna use two black halves from HF:IFB Beast heads for him, but that just didn't look right for the tusked toothed terrapin that Gamera is.

I may some day do an alteration to him, where he could perform Gamera's signature move, the fried flying saucer shell!


@Marendex_T17 I summon thee


Yes, Vuhii, what is i-

* sees MOC *
* eyes widen *

One word describes this. "Amazing."

Truly, Mr. @spudyeisleycreations, you are steadily improving the world, one masterfully built MOC at a time.

The only thing I think could use some improvement is the shell. I just think it needs to be a bit bigger, and


Solid Moc.
Everytime I see Gamera I get happy. And want to jump on it's head.

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I probably sound dumb but is that the Furno 3.0 head in orange, how, were?

Nah, it's still red, I think it might be the lighting why it looks orange.
I made him to be sort of to scale with my Godzilla MOC. In just about every incarnation Godzilla has been considerably larger the terrifying terrapin.

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-Good consistent colour scheme
-Stance and proportions are fine
-Ferocious look
-Clean build and heavily armored


-Lacks a lower jaw
-Could use more red scattered throughout (preferably the torso)
-Skrall Shield as back plate/shell doesn't work
-Feet are too small
-Doesn't really look like Gamera or a turtle Check out one of my Mocs for a turtle
-choice of certain CCBS shells don't really "merge" well togther to create an organic look. Try making the limbs a bit shorter and use CCBS shells that "overlap" one another to create a smoother flowing look. Keep CCBS bones hidden as much as possible.

Verdict: 7/10

Thanks for the feedback smirk
I had actually tried making an opening mouth for him, but nothing seemed to look right...

sorry, I was freaking out for a little bit there...

It's a giant flying kaiju turtle that saves children and fights Gyaos. Aegy approves.

Gamera approves as well.