Lego Universe modern Brick Fury

so a long time ago when Lego Universe was still a thing, i made this really bad version of brick fury, where the only thing i got right were the legs. so recently (meaning a couple months ago) i decided to remake him, but better. so i gave him better articulation, a stud shooter, and purple accents. so here he is

it was based off this from the Lego Universe MMOG

constructive criticism appreciated, and hope you enjoy!


Cool! I like the design of the legs.

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Well, this is some excellent parts usage. I love the pan.

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@Stoax @SwagMeister the legs were just plain out copied from the game version, and were the one thing i got right on the original.

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Man that game brings back memories, this is a pretty cool version of him :smile:

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:cry: So many memories…

About the Moc, it looks pretty cool. And it makes me think Lego should make a minifigures series about LU…

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The nostalgia is real :cry:
Great MOC man, I wish you had the head to complete it.

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Huh, definitely interesting

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This is pretty nice. I like the arms especially.

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thanks for all the praise everyone

i do too, but they never had that hair in purple, and i don’t paint parts.

Very creative use of the parts!

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I really want to play Lego Universe now

there’s a project where people are trying to recreate it, here’s a link to the site

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Nice work recreating him. I made lots of Lego universe “approximations” to recreate it after it ended (quinjet = sentinel ship, orange construction worker = assembly engineer). Nice work, I will use this in the future.

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Thanks, and there’s a lightsaber rod running through his body, that adds alot of stability.

Oh, thanks. That will help me out.

This is pretty cool. But I do not know what this “Lego universe” game is. I guess It ended before I really got involved in the community.

Anyway I really like the build of this thing. If only that hair piece came in purple.
I also really like the legs.

It was a Lego MMO that was miles better than Minifigures


I loved that Game
Hope Lego think of returning it
But for now we have the fans

But I never heard of Brick Fury

He was on the paradox themed world, at the safe point before entering the dragon fight area. Names escape my memory. There was a quest where you had to kill some bad guys to collect maelstrom to power him

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