LEGO Vikings Topic

I am very surprised that this hasn’t been a topic yet.

If there is a LEGO theme that takes full advantage of using Bionicle pieces in system sets, in my opinion, that would be without doubt LEGO Vikings.
For the only two years which it lasted, it gave us some pretty amazing sets, and probably the best Dragons LEGO has ever produced.
Here are a few of the highlights of this theme:

What do you think about this theme? Do you own any of the sets? Would you want to own some?


The only one I wish I had is the Midgard Serpent

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If you ever get the chance, I would say go for it! It’s a fantastic set!

Saw the Viking ship being sold MISB at a recent convention in Toronto. If I had had more money leftover (it was my third con of the summer), I may have gone for it. It’s a very nice looking set with some beautiful box art.

I’ve always really wanted that fortress set.

I’d say that the Elves dragons and some of the Ninjago dragons are up there too. But I totally understand why you like the viking ones. They have a slightly abstracted “edgy” aesthetic that has a lot in common with the Dino Attack dinos.

Anyway, I’d love to track down some of these sets to review on my YouTube channel. That double catapult set has a really interesting-looking dragon (it appears to be made using mostly Knights Kingdom II action figure parts).

Also, the prints, of my gosh the prints! Sooooo many beautiful shield, torso and even tile prints in these sets.


The dragon wings that this theme introduced are fantastic. I never got any vikings sets as a kid since I was collecting revenge of the sith sets at the time, though I have recently bricklinked some of the constraction parts from this theme. This was one of the last lego lines my local Toys R Us sold before they went out of business in summer 2005 so this theme brings back bad memories for me :frowning:


Gosh do I wish I had these as a child. All of them looked fantastic.

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I am a quarter Norwegian.

I love all things Old Norse, both in culture and in mythology.

I absolutely love vikings as a culture and a people.

So of course I love this theme as a concept. The sets are also pretty cool. Though I wish they’d use more mythology creatures than generic dragons.

I really wish Lego would do something like this. I mean there’s only so many variations of City you can do.

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