LEGO worlds tips and tricks

This is a topic for tips and tricks on creating stuff on LEGO worlds and only that. Basically you discuss and ask here for any advice from the community on your building. I thought I should make this topic, because eventually it’ll start coming up and otherwise, one day loads of people are going to do this stuff on the discussion topic, so ya, this is here. There aren’t many sources right now to get this kind of information anyway.

So to start off with, I’m building a map accurate Okoto on LEGO worlds, to keep it simple. Which is why I’d like to ask if anyone has any tips or tricks for creating a (massive) LEGO island on LEGO worlds. What should I begin with, mountains or outline, select segments or even known structures, center or end etc. I have the whole island planned out, it’s just there’s alot to do, and I was struggling getting the center mountain right, so I though I should ask the community. Have any of you got any tips for me?
@Mesonak Where did the TTV crew start on the Mata Nui Biocraft island?
It’s difficult finding the right area to start on an island, as alot of the island needs the rest of it for me to be able to build it correctly. So, anyone have any ideas.


IDK about helping you in your quest specifically, however, this is a general tip that I’ve found works wonders

inputting random galactic coordinates can yield literally anything

simply inputting coordinates until you see a sufficient sized landmass will certainly hasten your task, compared to just exploring and building by hand the whole way

this is also useful for finding rare biomes to unlock characters and animals you want.

I had to do this to find the Dessert Desert, and Crystal Landscape

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Gonna have to try that

I keep getting forests and deserts

And forests