legofan3225's self-moc (WIP)

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I posted a topic trying to get some help self-mocing, and I’d like to thank you for the help you guys gave there! It’s been almost 2 years now (at least I think, give or take 100 days) since I joined the message boards, and I felt it was somewhat necessary to finally get that done.

So far, I have a solid torso. That’s about it. (sorry for blurry photos)

Now, I’m posting this WIP for a few reasons. First off, to get initial reactions- I don’t want to overcommit it people generally don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m REALLY struggling to make limbs. Like, it’s been two weeks, and everything I have tried has failed. Anyone with any advice on that?

Thanks guys!


It seems alright from the front… maybe clean up the back? I’m assuming you need help with the weapons and limbs right now?


Yeah, that would be it.

This is looking very cool!

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I’m liking the torso and back so far. The tubes are a cool addition too.

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The Bohrok teeth on the sides kind of kill the flow of the torso. Maybe find a way to make those Bohrok eyes and that’d be good. Also, that blue tube is really distracting and out of place. Unless it’s absolutely needed, I would remove it (even if it is needed, I wouldn’t consider it a solid torso if it requires a tube to hold it down; trust me, I know).

But it looks nice otherwise!

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I’m not surprised making limbs for this guy is hard. He looks anti-limb. Maybe for the legs, some CCBS, slizer pieces, or just something that is smooth and compact like the torso. For the arms… perhaps Rahkshi heads would make a nice pauldron?

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