Lego's new Interest in BIONICLE

So, this is actually something I think should be discussed. I know we haven't gotten enough info to determine things like this, but hear me out.

Since the announcement of BIONICLE 2015, one thing has me hyped. It's not the mask, not the animation, heck it's not even the confirmation! It's the facebook page. Why? Did Hero Factory ever have a FB page officially created by LEGO?

My point is, all worries I had that BIONICLE would be re-labelled HF, and thrown in the low priority bin is gone. This countdown, the page, ALL the hype. Lego knows how important BIONICLE was to the community, how intriguing, and how much HF cannot compare to it.

Thoughts? Is LEGO going in the right direction with BIONICLE?


I feel as if they know BIONICLE was a huge success, and people will buy it no matter what. A facebook page is a excellent way of being social about this, and perhaps even give updates about what is going on with the story taking place in the new BIONICLE.


Yeah. Bionicle was probably their biggest line ever, and certainly one of the longest running. Only City and Star Wars have run longer. It needs a big return, and I'm sure Lego is going to try as hard as possible to do it right.


Our only worry now is how are they going to handle it.
I certainly hope we get a dark story with plenty of returning characters, but all of this has yet to be determined.

LEGO did have a Hero Factory page which got closed down, people are reporting.

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